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Tigers in the backyard


Tigers and man have been existing together for many years, but the need for space and sharing of resources has led to a slight imbalance, thereby frequenting the conflict scenario between the two. However, the situation on ground is not all grim. Communication and interaction with the villagers has helped form an invisible bridge and a relatively visible communication channel between the Forest department and villagers. This initiative started by Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) 4 years ago, has led to a smoother management of conflict situations in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This communication channel has also helped in sensitising the villagers and children towards the biodiversity that exists around them and helps them regain the ownership, which otherwise they feel is lost in the struggle for conservation. Apart from conservation outreach, LWF also engages in training programmes for the Forest Department to help equip them with the necessary management skills. To further the cause of awareness, LWF has also developed conservation education materials which helps maintain touch points with the villagers. To know more, visit www.thelastwilderness.org