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Audience Awards

This video competed in
2016 Love Shorts Video Contest

Director(s): Rachel Fleischer

Starring Rachel Fleischer, Jason Ritter, Elsa Raven, Michael Laskin, Susan Morgenstern, Jack Kutcher and Margery Nelson. Rachel is a neurotic, lovesick, thirty year old woman. Months have passed since her fiance broke it off and yet Rachel remains emotionally paralyzed, unable to take off her engagement ring. Her deceased ancestors, to whom she has always felt an unexplainable connection, decide something must be done, not only for Rachel, but for the posterity of their entire family. On Yom Kippur day, the holiest day of the year for Jews, Rachel's deceased relatives going back several generations show up to visit her in temple. With love and some nudging they remind her that she has the strength to move forward with her life. By showing her where she came from they are able to renew her faith in where she is going.