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Underwater explorers, passionate divers and filmmakers of The Jetlagged decided to give a threatened coral ecosystems a new chance: In September 2014, they built an artificial reef on a Indonesian island paradise with heavily damaged corals. The structure is equipped with a special feature: Electricity. This has proven to give corals super powers - enhancing their growth and health with astonishing success. This technology developed by the Global Coral Reef Alliance is called "Biorock" and is still widely unknown, unfortunately - but the effects are amazing. With the recent El Niño weather phenomenon and rising ocean temperatures, corals have already bleached worldwide and whole reef ecosystems are under immense threat. It is the film's intention to bring the Biorock artificial reef technology to the world's eyes, because it can help to quickly restore damaged coral reef areas and maintain a habitat for marine creatures where the reefs can't naturally recover fast enough. The film documents the building of one Biorock reef, sinking it, planting new corals and it shows the amazing progress 6 months later.