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The Trip by Mikizi Migona Papatie



This video competed in
Indigenous Narrative Film Challenge


Mikizi Migona Papatie talks about his reality living in the Anishinaabe community of Kitcisakik and shows us the human side of drug addiction told through the painful and hopeful words of the 27-year-old man. Starring: Mikizi Migona Papatie Production:Wapikoni Written by:the Wapikoni team Directed by:Mikizi Migona Papatie in collaboration with the Wapikoni team Camera: Théo Sohiez, Mathieu Laprise and Mikizi Migona Papatie Editing: Théo Sohiez and Mathieu Laprise Sound Recording: Théo Sohiez Original Music:Kevin Papatie Filmmaker Mentors: Théo Sohiez and Mathieu Laprise Youth Outreach Worker:Étienne Gagnon Lalonde Assistant Filmmakers: Christina Papatie, Daphnée Penosway Local Coordinator: Cherilyn Papatie Acknowledgements:Kevin Papatie