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This video competed in
2022 Horror Film Challenge

THE RUINS is a horror story about a woman who is cursed by circumstance and her tragic past. Inspired by real-life ruins, isolated and haunted by fire. A NYC psychiatrist - an advocate for the healing power of nature – struggles with PTSD. When it flares up, she decides to take her own advice and embarks on a hiking trip upstate. She checks into a hotel where she encounters a front-desk clerk who seems overly interested in her. After coming upon some ruins in the woods, her hallucinations become increasingly more horrific. The trip turns brutal when the ruins hit too close to home. Matilda Szydagis plays Zelda on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She is also a writer, director, producer, and artist and considers herself a Renaissance woman. Ric Sechrest holds degrees from Syracuse (BS, Acting), Ohio University (MFA, Acting), University of Maine (MA, Directing). Both are horror buffs and reside in NYC. Please enjoy our creepy story that gives homage to 80s TV shows such as Tales from the Darkside.