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The Road to Motherhood


Audience Awards

This video competed in
Women's Film Challenge Finalists

Life can be a rat race. We get up, get dressed and before sunrise, we're on our way to work. Time is money. Yet we don't seem to realize that we are actually stuck: we are standing still in traffic. Alone. What does tell us about our Western society? About ourselves? What does it mean when we don't even have time for something as significant as childbirth? Even a baby that comes into this world has to do it fast and efficiently. In Belgium, less than 20% of childbirths remain a natural process. More than 80% has medical interventions (Induction, episiotomy, C-section,...). We make a schedule, we speed it up, we force it. 'The Road to Motherhood' tells the story of Laura, Isabel and Kirsten and what it means to become a mother in this fast turning world.