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Warning! This video includes Strong Language

Audience Awards

This video competed in
2017 Comedy Shorts Film Festival


An Unconventional Lucha Rom-Com about Dai Jones, a masked Luchador who is paid to lose his fights that decides to flip the script when his new girlfriend 'Kat Coltrane' attends his event. Dai must now fight like a pro to prove his worthiness for the championship belt, and not fake it this time... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOVIE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS: Dai Jones: Travis Booth Millard Kat Coltrane: Naomi Thomas Ernest J. Winston: Richard Miltiadis Norman Doormun: Liam Hudson Plain Jane: Charlotte Billinghurst Pantagonian Dragon: Harry 'Bishop' Hart Wild Boar: Mike Hitchman Dai Jones (Body Double): Daniel Jones Dan Beano: Harry Gough Wrestler 1: Brendan White Wrestler 2: Tasha Loxton Wrestler 3: Danny Messagiero Edwardo (Chihuahua): Ducky The 'Ginger Nut' Guy (Jammie Jenkins): Jerico Pring Produced by: Ashley Harris Excecutive Producers: Christopher Lawry Jack Alexander Luqman Usman David Wells Jerio Pring Written and Directed by: Kieran Butcher 1st Assistant Director: Ashley Harris 2nd Assistant Director: Jerico Pring (Offical Hype Man) Director of Photography: Christopher Saunders 1st AC: James Clarke 2nd AC / Gaffer: Michael Gazda Lighting: Christopher Saunders Lighting Assitants: James Clarke & Michael Gazda Boom Operator: Conor O'Connell Sound Mixer: Vicky Harris Dubbing: James Cooper DIT : Helen Turner Editor: Ashley Harris Assistant Editors: Conor O'Connell & Christopher Saunders Colorists: Christopher Saunders & Ashley Harris Animal Wrangler: Sophie Harris Pet Transport: Mark Harris Production Designers: Diana Maria Lucia Heseltine Rebecca Ford Charlotte Maul Production Assistants: Farah Rose Vanessa BeeCroft Dragon Pro Wrestling: Locations Manager: Mike Hitchman Ascossiate Producer: Benjamin Harris Burrito Brothers: Locations Manager: Lucy Harrison Supporting Cast: Rhys Hawkins David Branfield Tara Giles Drew Parker Joanne Turner Daniel Griffin James Allan Vanessa BeeCroft ----------------------------------------------- Thank You to all our IndieGoGo Backers: ----------------------------------------------- Mike Chambers, Ryan Watson, Julianne Saunders, Ann Mitchel, Gary Turner, Lisa Jullien, Jim Bob, Aimee Prendergast, Josh Hopkin, Elliot Baker, Jack Alexander, Lewis Parfaitt, Charlotte Saunders, Brian Saunders, Barbra Saunders, Mathew Saunders, Luqman Usman, David Wells, Kate Abell, Maddie Smith, Ade Harris Dominic Prendergast, Tamarra Collins, Joe Chiverton, Sinead O'Connell, Rose Brookes, Rebecca Ortiz, Elaina Harris, Fi Seal, Duncan Delmar, Liam Connell, Joel Questle-Frank, Amber George, Tara Giles, Ace Hemsworth, Robert Saunders, Elaine Crowther, Jerico Pring, Linda Butcher, Phil Butcher, Kate Jessie

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