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The Cup

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This film competed in
2021 BESLA Film Festival

Thinking of getting a menstrual cup? “The Cup,” written by prolific Nice Tan creative collaborator Amanda Rosenberg, will make you think again. Inspired by the meddling busybodies of Bay Area grocery store aisles, this dark and hilarious takedown of womyn policing womyn was such a hit at the 2018 SF Sketchfest that Nice Tan Creator Carla Lee had to capture it for eternity. Carla stars as unhinged and opinionated frequent shopper Mary, who is swiftly and decidedly one-upped by actor Gabby Momah as Morgan — a seemingly hapless shopper who appears flustered by Mary’s intrusion but quickly flips the script with a unique take on the merits of personal hygiene products. Director Adrian Elliot seizes us in the claustrophobic canal of the aisle, brings the confrontation to a frenzied climax, and leaves us wondering — did Morgan get what she was looking for all along? — OFFICIAL SELECTION: TORONTO SKETCH COMEDY FESTIVAL 2021 — Directed by Adrian Rojas Elliot Written by Amanda Rosenberg Created by Carla Lee Produced by Melissa Daniels Director of Photography Judy Phu Edited by Julie Tseselsky Kirschner Colorist Ayumi Ashley Sound Design & Mix by Lamps Lampadinha STARRING: Gabby Momah as Morgan Carla Lee as Mary Nick Hongola as Male Voice Dara Wilson as Shopper Ryan Marchand as Store Employee