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The Caramel Corn Riot

61 Votes

Audience Awards

This video competed in
Dramatic Short Video Contest

Director(s): Guang Cheng Shie

This city is getting worst and worst. On a certain day, the director and his client are late for the filming of an advertisement for new Japanese snack food of caramel corn. Therefore, the senior cameraman decides to begin filming and instructs Jimmy, the production assistant, to repeatedly pour condensed milk onto plate after plate of with crispy corn snacks. At the same time, in another part of the city, abandoned workers are blocking train tracks to resist government oppression. Jimmy`s girlfriend, Amy, works the street for her real estate agency and becomes depressed after encountering case after case of aborted sales. This movie exposes the absurdity and cruelty of reality through juxtaposing these two different personalities in divergent spaces.

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