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The 11th Hour


It's our generation that gets to change the world... forever. In the latest installment of my narrative underwater imagery series, "The 11th Hour," find your own truth about climate change, and explore the latest peer-reviewed research literature on this topic. A project in support of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (http://inconvenientsequel.com) and Skeptical Science (http://skepticalscience.com). -------------- Art direction: Christine Ren Films (http://christinerenfilms.com) Photography: Jose G. Cano (http://josegcano.com) Prop artist: Noah McGinley (http://noahmcginley.com) Photo composites: Christine Ren MUA/ hair: Kungy Gay Cano Studio manager: Emma Porteus BTS video: Christine Ren, Adam J. Richman (http://adamjrichman.com) Video editor & model: Christine Ren