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This film was created with the intention to not only document an epic journey through Patagonia, but tell the story of what wanders through our minds as we hike higher in the trails and life itself. As a child my father always took me on adventures in the Rocky Mountains and now that I'm older I can return the favour and take him on hiking trips far and wide to venture through different landscapes we both want to explore. It's during these hikes we often speak of our generational differences and how to navigate the world we live in relating to social aspects, relationships, success and love. This script was crafted using many of those ideas we spoke about, his wise words to me as his daughter and a few inspirational lyrics of the songs that led us through our time together. With everything in this world I truly believe as we hike higher and go farther - our meaning changes, our ideas shift and in the end we simply need to find what being at peace with this world is for each of us.