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This film competed in
Female Filmmakers Film Festival

This is a film about a woman’s right to own her sexuality. We follow a woman as she embarks on a journey towards self discovery, exploring her body and her orgasm for the first time. Determined, despite her hesitation, timidity and insecurity, we see her imagination travel from reality, a casual white space, into an imaginary and vibrant space that represents her journey to “orgasm.” At first the woman is afraid because masturbation has become a taboo women are not suppose to indulge in. Women are not suppose to masturbate and talk about it, not suppose to be too free and open with their sexuality without being labeled as too promiscuous. Stranger encourages the woman to break the taboo and explore their sexuality. No matter how old and “experience” she is or is not, it is never too late to no longer be a stranger to herself.