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Warning! This video includes Strong Language

Siri With A Vengeance


Audience Awards

This video competed in
2019 Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Shawn recently changed his iPhone to an Android phone. But before you can say "Okay, Google", he is held hostage by a Die Hard-obsessed Siri, who is hell bent on revenge. We are proud to release our brand new comedy short film, "Siri with a vengeance". It is a comedy thriller about today's competing smart phone assistants, it's also an homage to Die Hard 3 (you'll understand when you see it). We worked hard on it, so we truly hope you like it! Cast: Samuel David Siri & Google Assistant (as themselves) Written and directed by Martin Sofiedal Produced by Marius Egeland Cinematography by Jens Peder Hertzberg Sound and mixing by Hans Ekevi Music by Roy Westad Big thanks to Cecilie Svendsen Go Electra Storyline Knut Kollandsrud Odd Thygesen Thomas Bergerskogen Hege Sofiedal