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24-hour Nibelungenbrücke cycling at Danube river kilometer 2135 between 4020 and 4040 Linz. A vegetable delivery wheel was equipped with high-quality air measurement technology and moved by 24 Linz bicycle activists on the road for 24 hours on the only central connection of the districts Linz and Linz-Urfahr - on the Nibelungenbrücke which crosses the Danube. The result is a cinematic contemporary document, in which the increasing and decreasing traffic density and the associated enormous pollution was 'experienced'. The Nib24 initiators, with the support of traffic scientists and measurement technicians, point to the discrepancy between the transport policies and the objectives set in the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement. With the help of the split screen, however, the joy of working together and the active participation of all actors are also shown. Bicycles, especially family and transport bikes, are part of the solution for livable and humane urban areas. They score with little space, minimal maintenance costs, flexibility and ecological compatibility and represent a low risk potential for all road users dar. The everyday ways can usually be easily and comfortably covered by bicycle. Especially with regard to the rapidly increasing delivery activities, the topic "last mile" must become more and more of a focus for companies and politicians!