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In a mythical and remote corner of the ocean, the love story between a beautiful creature of the water and a poet fisherman is born, who try to find a place to be together between water and land; between desire and reason; between guilt and love. //Shambo Films // Direction & Original Idea: Laura Mojica Moreno Production: Daniela Estrada Assist Direction: Miguel Silva Director of Photography: Andrés Felipe Berrio Assist Photography: Julián Franco and Kevin David Gil. Lighting technician: Cristian Costa Art Direction: Daniela Estrada, Fabio Beltrán and Ángela María Quintero Makeup Artist: Juliana Tobar Costume design: Laura Zuluaga Coloring: Miguel Silva Edition: Laura Mojica Moreno Voice/Fisherman: Matiesi Mermaid: Lin Yin Tatiana Álvarez Drums: Mateo del Vecchio. Guitar: David Portela and Johnatan Sánchez Bass: Pablo Narváez Musical Production: Dany on the Beat

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