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Making Ken Little Again

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This film competed in
Winter Docs Video Contest

Director(s): Mike Chaney, Simon Pax

Ken Wetton, an individual of great wisdom, has been a friend of ours for some years and - given the brief of "I have a bad feeling about this", choosing the genre of Adventure - we thought this to be the perfect time to share his wonderful insight of the world... with the world. Given the spirit of adventure, we thought we'd also make him scoot up several miles of mountain. Just speaking to Ken Wetton is an adventure in itself, but upon giving away his free will -to us, the filmmakers - thus, adventure, you shall receive. There is no easy way of describing Ken Wetton - but if we must, he is a dictionary of humanity, an eternal whirlpool of stories and of course, a jack of all trades - king of none. Enjoy Ken Wetton, as always.

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