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Institute for Family

This film competed in
Reel Families Film Series

Mad Black Joy explores the story of BreakBox Thought Collective, a grassroots organization run by a creative family who collaborates with the local community to create grassroots spaces for resilience, creative expression and economic opportunities across sectors. The film illustrates the need for mental health in the Black community to address generational and racial trauma, as well as the use of creative expression to find joy in the wake of the tragic deaths of Black Bodies in the summer of 2020. The use of writing and music as healing modalities, serves as a point of focus throughout the film. The founder is a mother of four children who are an integral part of the organization. Each child inspired the organization's programs as the vision emerged from the needs reflected in the family and the community. The creative family is mine. I am the Founder of BreakBox Thought Collective. As executive producer, of Mad Black Joy, I created the outline for the story, gathered the resources to pay the cinematographer, assembled the interviewees, and arranged for broll coverage. I also directed the vision of the project, as well as provided notes for every cut and all of the subsequent revisions. Honore' Media Collaborative, covered our story and edited the footage..

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