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Warning! This film includes Violence, Strong Language

Audience Awards

This film competed in
2019 Animation Shorts Film Festival

Director(s): Robert Poller

A little Goth girl, Mary arrives in Hell after a car accident. She comes across two demons, Damien and Lucy. Damien tries to persuade Mary into joining them as he can take Mary to a safe place. Damien points to the carriage. Mary looks over to the carriage were Damien is pointing at. She notices the word “slave” is written on the carriage. So she decides to kick Damien in the testicles and runs away. Now Mary is on the run while Damien and Lucy are trying to capture her and sell her off as a human slave. Who will succeed? Don't forget to check out my facebook page foe more Literally Hell animations. https://www.facebook.com/robertpoller98/ My website - https://www.robertpoller.com/