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Warning! This video includes Violence

Jekyll Hyde Gray


I wrote Jekyll Hyde Gray as a feature length script and shortened it for She Directed. I wrote, produced and directed Jekyll Hyde Gray as a way to address anxiety in all its forms. The story is inspired by two of my favorite classics- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the Picture of Dorian Gray. I wondered how the stories would play out if the leads were women and it took play during modern times. I had a great team, I honestly can't say enough good things about them. Andrea Stanzione and Kaitlin Clabbers helped me along the way with their amazing advice and talent. A family friend, John Dehoyos, composed the film score. My five actors all drove in from out of state, my husband made us incredible craft services and my good friend Andrea is the genius behind the edit. I also had help from a fellow military wife who did the slate for us and from a sweet lady that lives down the street. Last but not least- this was my baby's first film. I directed the entire film while in the twelfth week of my first trimester.