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Warning! This video includes Strong Language

Identification Please


New Filmmakers Los Angeles

This video competed in
NFMLA September Showcase

Director(s): Daniel Jardine

“Identification Please” tells the story of our subject, Justine Lepine (aka Chokeules), a Toronto based rapper, visual artist, and aspiring comedian, as he takes the necessary steps to apply for an Ontario health card and a Canadian passport. Though these steps are considered mandatory administrative tasks by most Canadians (and only minor annoyances), Justin has not had valid identification for several years. This is probably due to him being a recognized face in the Canadian hip-hop community who is busy in the studio and making jokes on twitter – not to mention having loyal friends who have been buying him booze over the years. In this documentary short, we are given the privilege of following Justin as he goes through these motions. It is in this process that we gain insight into the inner workings of the artist’s mind. Themes explored are: the parameters of success as well as the complexity of the creative mind. Though these themes can easily be deemed philosophical and abstract, the story is brought to life by the whimsical humour of our subject.