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Warning! This film includes Strong Language

Get My Shit Together Official 360 Music Video

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This film competed in
2019 Experimental Shorts

We believe in celebrating diversity, innovation, and being fuckin' weird. That’s why we wrote this empowering binaural pop anthem, hosted a party featuring some of the most extraordinary performers in Toronto, and created the first ever 360 music video to combine Tilt Brush graphics and live action. In this experience you’ll be teleported to Sappho’s Tilt Brush oasis, watch a stage be manifested out of light, then hop to the costume party of the century and witness circus performers, dancers, and comedians get their shit together by finding connection and celebrating uniqueness! This music video is an invitation to think about all the things you have going for you in your life, and the things you have yet to achieve. An object in motion stays in motion, so let’s get moving and get our shit together!