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Music On Film Video Contest

Director(s): Michael Bosie

Fences is an original song written by Livingston resident, Michael Boise. Michael states: "I had the whole thing pictured in my head before I even wrote the song. That house is just like the one that is always in a recurring dream of mine; empty and abandoned in the middle of nowhere with open rolling fields... and it's always overcast, which is why I went with the monochromatic look of the video overall. The camera crew and cast actually all came together the day of. No one else even knew how to play the song with the exception of Baylor, who was the actual drummer when we recorded it. I just played the song through for them a couple times and and then we started rolling. We didn't do any pre-scouting of the location. I just remembered passing it on the road a few years ago and knowing that was where I wanted to shoot a video some day. We left a lot up to chance and it all went absolutely perfect... heck I didn't even have a camera crew until the day before. Everything always works out if you just put some trust in yourself. This way of thinking may be something I picked up from my girlfriend. She gets in the most frustrating situations, and where most people would give up, she just shrugs and says 'it will all work out', and somehow it always miraculously does. It's facing any situation with the idea that there are only solutions to any problem." "The video delves in to symbolism of the mind, the birds in the beginning suggest the interposition of death, with the old house representing possessions. The flowing scenes through the house personify our thoughts and inhibitions. The transfers between color and black and white changes as do our emotions with different situations... Cause and effect. We are controlled by fences in our head, desperately grasping for that fleeting happiness that exists in material things and taking for granted the love that surrounds us. What I find most important in life are the people that surround us and make us who we are... they are all that will matters when we go.

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