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Falling Slowly was written and composed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. It won an Oscar in 2006 for best original song in the film Once. This video cover version was produced and directed by Noreen Bingham and Dennis Earlie of Riocht Screen & Media Productions Ireland for Grace Foley a classical singer from Killarney Co. Kerry Ireland. Though the song is classed in the Indie Rock /Indie Folk genres Grace wanted to sing it in a crossover classical style. From a visual aspect both Directors decided to break the song down and deconstruct then rebuild a visual story that suited the singer and the song with a story about hope and love and self and at the same time keeping the viewers attention at all times without detracting from the song it’s self. Using Markéta own thoughts on the song (, "This song was written from a perspective of hope, and hope at the end of the day connects us all, no matter how different we are.) We decided to use some Greek mythology that of Pandora’s Box and what was left in it (Hope). Director of photography Dennis Earlie used two Cameras simultaneously on each take in order to achieve the look backs that appear on screen at any given time in keeping with the narrative. An all black set was built for the purpose of post FX and Graphic effects. The use of inverted motion as a back drop was used to create movement whilst Grace remained still(distance and time).The video it’s self took 10 weeks to produce.