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Warning! This video includes Nudity

Facing In Facing Out



This video competed in
2021 Women's Film Challenge

Director(s): Director: Hanne Larsen. Director of Photography: Elliot Torres. Co-Choreographers: Hanne Larsen, Henriëtte Robert

Facing In/Facing Out is about the emotional turbulence and anxiety that occurs when our perception of and boundaries around technology become warped.

When it came to making Facing In/Facing Out, I was really interested in the raw, vulnerable, emotional experience that comes with overdoing social media. The way it pulls all of us in, away from reality, and how that can have hefty emotional consequences. It came together with a rough idea of the main character facing herself, and how alarmingly intimate that is. I wanted to capture that sense of nakedness but also the beauty that comes with it.

Most of the dancing was improvised. I wanted to explore the subtlety of acting and movement. Henriëtte Robert (the performer) and I choreographed some thematic dance phrases so she could have a vocabulary to draw from when improvising. In the end, however, we let a lot of what we had planned go and filmed a lot of new things. The subway scene was also a mix of my choreography and the performers' devised movement. Elliot Torres, the Director of Photography, also had a big part in improvising angles and framing scenes based on our production discussions.

One last note, the filming came before the sound and music. We of course used some music (of a genre I was thinking to use) while filming the dance improvisations, but I edited the film all based on internal/intuitive beats. It was afterward that I added in sound/music.