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Warning! This video includes Violence, Strong Language


This video competed in
2022 BESLA Film Festival


Elament (I spelt it that way on purpose) is about a war that is coming, each Volume in Elament introduces you to a supernatural world and a not so normal world and the secrets that is held with thriller, sci fi My involvement in this film. I am the writer, director and videographer. Everyone did an amazing job and I thank you all for helping me bring a piece of this story to life. Esmie Vassell, Jennifer L Gaines, Christy Gaynell, KT Megginson, Isaiah D. Prince, Kaeden Beliveau, Porsha Johnson, Porcha Johnson, Octavia S Earl, Andrea Lavender, Karen LeChelle Barnett A special thank you to Karen LeChelle Barnett for letting us use her home