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Down To Earth Chapter 1 Hope 1


Audience Awards

This video competed in
2017 Adventure Shorts Film Festival

Cover letter from Founder of Down to Earth Expedition Michaela Precourt This April, First Grade teacher, Michaela Precourt embarked on an epic journey. Michaela has created a project called Down to Earth, a series of five arctic ski expeditions that she hopes will ignite the minds and spirit of the next generation of environmental advocates. All the voyages will be human-powered, using skis, sea kayaks and sailboats, and fueled by a 100-mile locally sourced diet. The Down to Earth full five year mission will include expeditions to many Arctic locations. Down to Earth “chapters’ have Michaela and her team corresponding with participating schools from different locations pinned with GPS coordinates, pictures, and field reports. Students tuning in learned about geology and wildlife biology, gain insight into living sustainably and close to nature, and witness real-time changes in the planet’s coldest climates. Michaela and team have worked to convert her experiences into formal curriculum that could supplement lesson plans at independent and public institutions. Michaela, 28, holds advanced degrees in elementary education, snow science, and has worked as a backcountry guide in Alaska and Outward Bound instructor all over the world. This first chapter she was joined by Lexi DuPont, Alex Duane, Caroline George, Taylor Bones, Eli Simon, Gabe Rogel, and Jon Mancuso. The 12-day expedition was broadcasted live from a home base in Ísafjörður, across the Ísafjarðard fjord, and the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. “Down to Earth is about how do we find that connection back to earth, to instill that sense of hope, in our communities and school system and our kiddos? Bringing a film crew on this expedition allows for this idea/concept to be broadcasted over many communities. Films allow for the chance of a better understanding of a mission. Having audiences see student interactions and reactions to the team members and the environment in Iceland better communicates the outcomes and mission of Down to Earth.

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