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Detangling The Vote This is How God Made Us



This video competed in
2021 BESLA Film Festival

While experimentation with different natural and protective hairstyles is a joy that Black Women often relish in, Black hair holds a greater symbolic meaning. Hair is not just a physical characteristic, but a form of self-expression enveloped in the story of the experience of Black Women in this country and world. Black hair, in every posture, intertwines cultural significance, historical gravity, health and social considerations that bears witness to the internal struggle Black Women, Femmes and Girls contemplate daily. Our own constitution leaves gradiated room for discrimination based on race, gender and orientation. The more a citizen falls outside that original requirements for citizenship, most characteristics that identify them to their culture are stripped away with remnants of identity being left behind in order to live and thrive in a eurocentric society. By being able to wear their hair in any way they see fit, Black Women maintain one facet of their personhood that instills a sense of pride and freedom.