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Braveheart Chaplain - A New Mission

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This film competed in
Faith & Spirituality Film Festival

Greetings, I wanted to reach out and thank you for the consideration of my project. This is the first project that I directed, as I'm usually acting or producing. I took a leap of "faith" on this to help Drew who is very close to me and my family. I've been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years, now, however, I started studying film when I was 17 years old but had to leave film school after the first year. Truly a passion project and now that I'm near retirement, I'm looking forward to creating and working on projects that provide an impact on people's lives. I enjoy highlighting those in communities that are doing good in a different way. I haven't had a lot of training but wanted to help this man so much for volunteering to take part in the lives of others at such a tragic moment. Best, Travis Bruyer

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