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Another Mothers Son


Another Mother's Son is an exploration of the intersection of the #blacklivesmatter movement and the spate of mass shootings in America. Prompted by the recent Parkland shooting Another Mother's Son explores America's tragic fascination with firearms through words, music and images. "“Another Mother’s Son” is among the most wrenching and poignant four minutes I’ve ever experienced on YouTube. The imagery ranges from the sublime (Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast”) to the insidious (Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry). René Calvo takes the clips that make Black Lives Matter a moral necessity—and the Marjorie Stoneman High School students’ fury a secular revelation—and skillfully juxtaposes them with closeups offering visions of hope, all of it cut to an affecting song performed by a mesmerizing vocalist."? —James Morrow, Nebula award winning author of Towing Jehovah