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Director(s): Francisco Infante

"Mischievous bandits come to grips with their future lives while on the run from the police, clashing over the meaning of love, wealth, and revenge." Hi, I am the writer and director of "Alma y Vida." This film was inspired by the film noir genre and the past works of French New Wave filmmakers such as Jean Luc Godard. I wanted to make a film in that vein but with a Latin twist, infusing Latin culture, Spanish dialogue, and Latina actresses. A film noir, French New Wave style film with poetic dialogue and romantic yet complicated characters is a fun and compelling area of cinema that I haven't seen people of my background and culture play in much, I wanted to change that. I had the privilege of finding talented crew and talent who shared the same excitement. Our cast and crew were from various cultures such as Cuba, Mexico, and Ecuador. The film has had screenings at L.A. Shorts International Film Festival and Mesa International Film Festival. We're excited to share this film with you, we hope you enjoy!