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Afirmar con ello otro mundo - Thus affirm another world


Director(s): Melisa Aller

"Thus affirm another world" by Melisa Aller Technical specs// Film super 8 edited in camera with overlay film and detained frame B&W-Film Kodak Tri X -Reversible 7266 Actress Eleonora Paoletti Synopsis// On May 9, 2012 , is sanctioned in Argentina the Gender Identity Law ( No. 26,743 ) . It stipulates that everyone has the right " to the recognition of their gender identity , to free development of his person according to their gender identity , and to be treated according to their gender identity , and in particular , to be identified in thus in the instruments evidencing regarding the identity / name , image and gender with which is registered. Thus affirm another world. Who conditions us identity? To be. Individual existence. Collective existence. We are traversed by otherness. We are the transformations who are overlapped.