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Our diverse filmmakers create high-quality, authentic content that converts viewers into customers


In 2018 audiences don’t want to be sold, they want to be moved.

"62% of Millennials say "The ability to co-create with a product is really exciting – and would make me much more into sharing or taking action around the product."

- Revolt TV

It takes a special formula to get there. We are pretty sure Adweek wrote this about us:

“Brands need to look for new players in the market. In fact, what's required is a sort of hybrid—an agency that combines content production with brand advertising or a production company that can deliver brand stories. And the brand needs to be closely involved in creating the content, so both parties are committed.”

- Adweek

We are that hybrid.

Authentic, gorgeous, addictive video for the right price

  • We collaborate with you to build a video campaign initiative that easily integrates into your marketing strategies.

  • We put out a call to action to our Oscar-qualifying, ADDY- and Emmy®-nominated filmmaker collective - 50,000 strong.

  • They submit high quality videos based on your brief.

  • The audience curates and shares the best creative content.

  • You receive the rights to your favorite content and make a huge social media imprint.

What we do

  • Video campaign hosting

    We build your brand page, help you design your campaign and activate our filmmaking community to create your content.

  • Campaign management

    For your video campaigns, we curate submissions, run voting, take care of awards fulfillment, provide insurance, bonding and content rights to the films.

  • Campaign marketing

    Before, during and after your campaign, your brand receives media ad buys, social media sharing, digital distribution and site-wide exposure.

What you get

  • Access to brand-specific content

    Our filmmakers can create authentic, fresh, provocative videos for your brand every single month.

  • Rights and usage

    You get great content and in-perpetuity rights to place across all channels you deem worthy (and we help with distribution, too!).

  • Continued social impressions

    Engaged users grow your social impressions as you collect video content month over month and filmmakers crowdsource for votes.

What our customers are saying

The submissions we received were authentic stories about people who are taking the chance on creating their own independent ventures,” Carfi says. “I’ve been sending a different video to our employees every morning. We’ve been able to use the content to understand our customers in a way that is compelling and engaging.”

Christopher Carfi Director - Content Marketing, GoDaddy
Go Daddy
  • 233 videos GoDaddy now owns and can use as they wish
  • 2.1M campaign and brand impressions - a number which continues to grow
  • 1.2M cross-platform social impressions - a number which also continues to grow

We love what the filmmakers are creating for our brand – so creative! Working with AudPop is awesome because they are so transparent and available.”

Sherry Smith, Manager, Digital Brand Marketing, Hilton Worldwide
Hilton Worldwide
  • 90 one-minute videos Hilton now owns and can use as they wish
  • 500K views of their past campaigns - a number that continues to grow as more Hilton campaigns run
  • 3M+ cross-platform social impressions - a number which also continues to grow

AudPop‎ is the perfect partner for the Fusion Doc Challenge. The team know the industry inside and out! Their passion for films is reflected in the dedication they put behind this effort.”

Eric Douat, Director, Industry Relations, Univision Network
  • 100+ filmmakers created new content through the Fusion Doc Challenge
  • 60 new films were sourced and curated from those submissions
  • Together, Fusion and AudPop established a campaign platform which continues to push our best filmmakers to produce award-winning work

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