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AudPop is an innovative site for filmmakers and film fans. Through our video campaign platform, a global audience gets to discover & engage with your film. This gives you an opportunity to discover a new audience for your film career,make money creating new films for brands and submitting the films you already have to different film Campaign.

AudPop gives the power to the audience to determine their favorite films and you are an important part of that audience. Unlike grant writing or a festival team, you have the power to help determine the outcome of video Campaigns. We often host Campaigns that call for a certain type of film that you can create to win.

About Your Video Campaign:

  • Follow your campaign and engage with all current video Campaigns. Users can vote once per day on as many films as they choose.
  • Follow & engage with people to build your community and audience.
  • Your film has social share buttons. Use the share features to share your film across your social media platforms.
  • Make sure your profile is complete with all of your information and you have uploaded a profile picture. Make sure your film stands out by having a compelling cover image.
  • SMS verification is required for members to vote. Make sure to let your friends know in advance. This helps protect YOU and keep the video campaign more secure from hackers. We will NEVER use your phone number for any purpose other than verification.
  • This is a community of filmmakers and film enthusiasts. Comments and interaction are encouraged! The filmmakers who have had the best experiences on this site are the ones who have engaged POSITIVELY with their fellow competitors.
  • Your film library is not just for films in video Campaigns. If you have other films you would like to post to your profile, please do. This can help you gain more exposure for your filmmaking career. Many times, filmmakers add clips, trailers and excerpts to continue to build support throughout the 10-day video contest.
  • AudPop offers a fun way for you to get a ton of views and engagement for your films. Winning is only part of the value.

Getting Paid:

  • You will receive payment via PayPal within 60 days from the close of your video Campaign.
  • If you win $600 or more, you will need to submit a W9 for tax purposes.
  • We will use the email you provided when you signed up to send your payment to you through PayPal. If you have a different PayPal email address, you need to provide it when your video campaign closes or before.
  • If you do not want to receive payment through PayPal, you must notify us within one day of the video campaign closing of the correct mailing address and we will mail a check within 60 days of the video campaign closing.

Cool Site Tools:

  • Here are links to laurels that you can use to promote your film in video Campaign: Black Version or White Version.
  • Use our Facebook app to let your friends know that you are competing in video campaign and to ask for their support.
  • Download our mobile app to stay up to date on your video Campaign. Both IOS and Android are available.

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