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Women's Film Challenge Semi-Finalists

Total Prize Value: Semi-Finalists

Contest Over

Mar 28, 2017 - Apr 04, 2017

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  1. Jackpot!

    A couple new to love navigate through the unknown ...

  2. City of Dreams

    "When Audrey escapes the beautiful prison that is ...

  3. Wonders Of Love

    Wonders of Love is a testament to the power of lov...

  4. Walter

    Walter a short film, is a portrait of a troubled, ...

  5. Meet the Manwolves

    This documentary short is an exposé on the up and...


    Set in the 1950s in rural Colorado, a young girl J...

  7. Head Space

    A single mother concerned with her son's inability...

  8. Plastic Ankles

    'Plastic Ankles' is a day in the life of Marlon. W...

  9. The Dead Town

    There's a lake in the middle of the desert in Cali...

  10. Interrogation Room

    A cop interrogates a young college student to find...

  11. Seeds Of Doubt Feature Film Excerpt

    When a young man meets his birth mom for the first...

  12. Solace

    Following the death of her father, a 17-year-old g...

  13. The Usual_TRLR

    Starring Renee O'Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess, B...

  14. inVisible

    Bug, a rough and tough assassin tracks down Bjo...

  15. Falling Through Time

    A woman's chance encounter with a time traveler or...

  16. M For Maritza

    Maritza fantasizes about all of the ways she would...

  17. Lift Like a Girl

    Jenny, a 40 year-old mom living in Franklin, TN, h...


    Maribeth just needs some help to finish a big proj...

  19. Non je ne regrette rien

    Difficulty being a woman. Fighting against all exi...

  20. The Forest Princess

    in a world, where the unknown is feared and misund...

  21. Hello Darkness

    This is a short film exploring the depths of grief...

  22. Steps Toward Gender Balance

    In 2015, researchers reported that women comprised...

  23. Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

    Inertia Coffee Company rests in the heart of Color...

  24. After Fleeing

    Mariam Al-Dubhani is Yemeni and one of millions di...

  25. Vigorous Torque

    As an instruction manual author, Kelly Whitefish c...

  26. Mr. Man-7 min excerpt

    "Mr. Man" is a short Arthouse Horror film shot on ...

  27. Share Hope USA

    Share Hope USA - The mission of an 9yr old!...

  28. B 12

    A young boy must navigate and conquer his elementa...

  29. My Name is Joan


  30. Q.U.E.E.N.

    Q.U.E.E.N. tells the story of a teenage girl with ...

  31. William and Santiago Simultaneous

    William and Santiago Simultaneous explores a quest...

  32. Lalita

    A young Indian maid shares her thoughts on marriag...

  33. SaveFerris_NewSound_DirectorPiperFerguson_FINAL_01_24_16

    Save Ferris New Sound Music Video Directed By Pipe...

  34. Eyes

    A young photographer who is inspired by Edgar Alla...

  35. Life Offline - 7 Min. Edit

    What happens when two people give up their beloved...

  36. Riding On Impulse

    A finalist in the 2006 International Documentary C...

  37. The Rise of the Cat Tattoo HD

    Betty Rose is known for popularizing the "cattoo",...

  38. The Legacy of Linc's Tackle

    Linc’s Tackle has been the heart and soul of Sea...

  39. Last_Light

    Logline: On the verge of her mothers death, Addi...

  40. Come Away With Me 7 Min

    An inter-racial couple, sweethearts in the 60's, w...

  41. Hybrid TV Pilot

    Hounded by the ruthless geneticists' hitman and la...

  42. 50 Shots

    50 Shots follows Chicago artist Imani Amos and her...

  43. Who's There

    Don't answer the door when a stranger comes knocki...

  44. Wake Up

    A filmmaker explores her role in three generations...

  45. Taste to be Wicked

    An abandoned doll gets alive and discovers tasty c...

  46. Performance Review

    Have you ever experienced unconscious gender bias ...

  47. temer out


  48. Olivia's Story

    Olivia is a young woman who has vaginismus, a rare...

  49. Rediscovering the Scientist fundraising video

    Rediscovering the Scientist (HD, 94 minutes) is an...

  50. NASTY

    Nasty dives into the aftermath of the election thr...

  51. No Trump

    The people of Los Angeles came together on the nig...

  52. Trust

    A young couple struggle to come to terms with how ...

  53. JuliaKnightSculpture

    Julia Knight Sculpture located in Avondale Estates...

  54. Seconds

    The disremembered details of a man’s life flash ...

  55. NARI SHAKTI_Jan2016

    In the summer of 2015, Connie M. Florez, Shirley T...

  56. Writer's Block by Marie Emmanuelle Hartness

    Logline: When Victoire, an up-and-coming scrappy f...

  57. NGQEKE NGQEKE Zulu Music Video

    I originally created the music video in South Afri...

  58. Devadesi_NOW 7M

    Devadasi_NOW is an experimental documentary on the...

  59. Gun--7 min excerpt

    When 8 year old Cassie discovers her heroin addict...

  60. Into The Wild Wood


  61. WhoIAmYouTube


  62. alwayswinningnevernot


  63. Liahona Excerpt

    Liahona is an experimental documentary examining t...

  64. Regarding Claudio Willer

    A film about poetry and life....

  65. Dear Country

    This film is a short piece in response to America'...

  66. Traces

    Is our DNA the government's business? The very th...

  67. The Art and Dreams of D.J. Sheskin

    At 73-years-old, D.J. Sheskin dreams of seeing his...


    On the one month anniversary of the date when mill...


    Exit Interview is a 3 minute dialogue free short f...

  70. TWO ORANGES_festival version

    After finding out that her fiance Andrew is a thre...

  71. Moments

    A girl gets lost on the outskirts of a big city. S...

  72. Whole People


  73. The Escape Final

    A woman wakes up in an abandoned building with a b...


    A horror take on a classic children's tale. This f...

  75. MobShrink_ColorSoundMix_D3



    On her long train ride home Angeline attempts to d...

  77. UnMental Health

    A look at a psychiatric patient's mind. Inside and...

  78. Hunters Moon

    Lost and alone on the back roads of Vermont, a man...

  79. Without The Lights

    A woman was once trapped inside of herself. She lo...

  80. Prospector Excerpt Part 2

    Experiments in 19th century acculturation of two g...

  81. Prospector Excerpt Part 1

    Experiments in 19th century acculturation of two g...

  82. The Swipe Life

    A 40 year old woman turns to app dating to break o...

  83. Maskerade--7 min excerpt

    An Arthouse horror film about a young woman who is...

  84. Sanctuary

    An abandoned church gets an unexpected second chan...

  85. 2013 vision to Roberto Piva

    The chaos in São Paulo....

  86. Impersonators

    When the leaders of a ragtag group of Hollywood im...

  87. Arts & Crafts

    8 year old Emily sits alone coloring in her room, ...

  88. Jessica Clark Racing - Clio-nominated Documentary

    Jessica Clark, a 21-year-old race car driver fr...

  89. Becoming Final

    A couple gets to know each other on a first date w...

  90. The Smallest Vessel Final Version

    The modern world tells us that our lives and famil...



  92. Once Upon a Time

    This is a short 3 minute music video about a girl ...


    A young married woman is overwhelmed with memories...

  94. The Wish by Marie Emmanuelle Hartness

    Longline: Three girls decide to communicate with t...

  95. SISKIN 7 min

    This is an excerpt from the short film Siskin. Syn...

  96. The Greatest Show On Earth



    Elizabeth, a widow, mother and high-powered profes...

  98. Forward

    On January 21, 2017 women and men from all over th...

  99. FALL

    A young woman comes to terms with her suddenly det...

  100. Deus Ex Machina

    An earnest boy and his two friends on a journey to...

  101. Sudi's Style Closet

    sudiSTYLE, LLC is a premier fashion consulting com...

  102. Smooth Ends - Southbound

    Over the course of 4 months, I collected video por...

  103. The Art of a Lost Trade - Webseries Pilot - featuring Clockmakers

    The Art of the Lost Trades brings craftsmanship hi...

  104. Phantasmagoria

    A nightmare recreated. Track: "Somewhere Over Th...

  105. The Birthday Cake

    How far would you go to avoid your sister's broken...

  106. The Edge Bruce Anderson Natural Humanship

    The Edge is a documentary that details the work of...

  107. Charlie 5

    Four decades after hijacking a plane to Cuba to av...

  108. Les Nanas

    Shot on one reel of super 8mm film and edited in c...

  109. The Fort

    An experimental documentary made in the place wher...

  110. Fine Cut

    A 78 year-old woman shares her story of biking and...

  111. The Glades Project_Work in progress 00_03_48 Minute


  112. Rancho

    A young woman returns to her family's small ranch ...

  113. Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

    Miss D, the owner of the Miss D's New Orleans Styl...

  114. Rough Waters

    Submerged in the darkness of her depression, Katie...


    A take on graffiti, artistic expression, & fem...

  116. Hi


  117. Fierce Beards

    Based in Deland, Florida, Fierce Beards is the col...

  118. Imagine TizianaPerinotti

    Imagine Infinite Possibilities...

  119. Jess & Lila

    A short film about a girl dealing with her grief....

  120. alter idem

    It is easy to get lost, to lose sight of oneself a...

  121. No Time 4 Hate

    With 9 out of 10 LGBT students suffering from bull...

  122. Immaculate High


  123. Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

    Auntie Jill's is a small cheesecake business in Mi...

  124. A Short Film About Rape

    Prior to us dating, my wife Rae (who wrote and nar...

  125. book of haiku

    the encounter with memories and affections on a tr...

  126. Food

    An experimental documentary about an unusual relat...

  127. Mumbai Mornings

    At 5am everyday, before the crowds, traffic and he...

  128. NO HOPE

    for all info: https://vimeo.com/207202977...

  129. Ice Cream For Breakfast

    A young girl's casual conversation with her friend...

  130. Joan's Day Out - starring Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kellerman and Hulu's Casual star Tara Lynne Barr

    Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kellerman (Robert Al...

  131. SkipTown_100216

    Hiding from the law in an out of town motel. What ...

  132. Scooter Girl

    Synopsis Seven year-old Kasey Wells stops to feed...


    This silent film shows a couple from the beginning...

  134. Flats

    Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn Shot, Directed, Edited b...

  135. Troll Trailer

    This is the trailer for the 2017 Slamdance Officia...


    When love is calling for you but you pretend you a...

  137. Girls Untitled

    On January 21st millions of people took to the str...

Total Films: 137 • Total Votes: 8,478 • Total Film Views: 34,334

AudPop Winners

Marianne Lu


Erika Garces

City of Dreams

Priyanka Patil

Wonders Of Love

All Films in Contest

Marianne Lu


Vote Count: 1737

Erika Garces

City of Dreams

Vote Count: 1731

Priyanka Patil

Wonders Of Love

Vote Count: 1067

Priyanka Patil


Vote Count: 1050

Ella Harris

Meet the Manwolves

Vote Count: 277

Alana Waksman


Vote Count: 272

Emma Huibregtse

Head Space

Vote Count: 264

Tiffany Kim Stevens

Plastic Ankles

Vote Count: 211

Bettina Hanna

The Dead Town

Vote Count: 153

Callie Harlan-O'Sullivan

Interrogation Room

Vote Count: 143

Yasmin Shiraz

Seeds Of Doubt Feature Film Excerpt

Vote Count: 133

Tchaiko Omawale


Vote Count: 129

Dawn Higginbotham

The Usual_TRLR

Vote Count: 126

Rosser Goodman


Vote Count: 107

Natasha Demosthene

Falling Through Time

Vote Count: 78

Amy Goldman

M For Maritza

Vote Count: 73

Allie Sultan

Lift Like a Girl

Vote Count: 72

Laura Dowling Shea


Vote Count: 72

Abscjeofkemfkmg Rehtrjhgmghmghdm

Non je ne regrette rien

Vote Count: 68

Gretchen Bayer

The Forest Princess

Vote Count: 49

Marissa Hernandez

Hello Darkness

Vote Count: 49

Angelica Wedell

Steps Toward Gender Balance

Vote Count: 48

Kelsey Opel

Inertia Coffee Video FINAL

Vote Count: 47

Hangda Zhang

After Fleeing

Vote Count: 42

Kristin Schaack

Vigorous Torque

Vote Count: 42

Haven Nutt

Mr. Man-7 min excerpt

Vote Count: 38

Laura Jean Bransky

Share Hope USA

Vote Count: 32

Casey Murphy

B 12

Vote Count: 31

Margaret Stapor Costa

My Name is Joan

Vote Count: 30

Brittany B.Monét Fennell


Vote Count: 29

Alexandra Hidalgo

William and Santiago Simultaneous

Vote Count: 24

NS Chav


Vote Count: 20

Piper Ferguson


Vote Count: 16

Dani Venen


Vote Count: 13

Anais Arias

Life Offline - 7 Min. Edit

Vote Count: 12

Marianne Zugel

Riding On Impulse

Vote Count: 10

Emily Sheskin

The Rise of the Cat Tattoo HD

Vote Count: 9

Lauren Frohne

The Legacy of Linc's Tackle

Vote Count: 8

Sam Fisicaro


Vote Count: 7

Facebook Gerstein

Come Away With Me 7 Min

Vote Count: 7

Angela Terga

Hybrid TV Pilot

Vote Count: 7

Erin Babbin

50 Shots

Vote Count: 6

Kayden Phoenix

Who's There

Vote Count: 5

Erin Babbin

Wake Up

Vote Count: 5

Mariya Pyter

Taste to be Wicked

Vote Count: 5

Michelle Boley

Performance Review

Vote Count: 5

Priscyla Bettim

temer out

Vote Count: 5

Jennie Feyen

Olivia's Story

Vote Count: 5

Lydia Hicks

Rediscovering the Scientist fundraising video

Vote Count: 4

Erin Babbin


Vote Count: 4

Whitney Skauge

No Trump

Vote Count: 4

Shannon Godly


Vote Count: 4

Anna Puerta


Vote Count: 4

Jordan Canning


Vote Count: 3

Cindy Iodice


Vote Count: 3

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

Writer's Block by Marie Emmanuelle Hartness

Vote Count: 3

Lydia Hicks

NGQEKE NGQEKE Zulu Music Video

Vote Count: 3

Indrani Nayar-Gall

Devadesi_NOW 7M

Vote Count: 3

Haven Nutt

Gun--7 min excerpt

Vote Count: 3

Debra Scherer

Into The Wild Wood

Vote Count: 3

Dawn Young


Vote Count: 2

Alicia Casas


Vote Count: 2

Talena Sanders

Liahona Excerpt

Vote Count: 2

Priscyla Bettim

Regarding Claudio Willer

Vote Count: 2

Jena Richardson

Dear Country

Vote Count: 2

Emily Sheskin


Vote Count: 2

Emily Sheskin

The Art and Dreams of D.J. Sheskin

Vote Count: 2

Dana Offenbach


Vote Count: 2

Winnie Cheung


Vote Count: 2

Kristie Reeves

TWO ORANGES_festival version

Vote Count: 2

Ida Akesson


Vote Count: 2

Jesse Heller

Whole People

Vote Count: 2

Dianna Ippolito

The Escape Final

Vote Count: 2

Alyssa Devine


Vote Count: 2

Angelique Rockwood


Vote Count: 2

Raquel Cedar


Vote Count: 2

Shelli Wright

UnMental Health

Vote Count: 2

Phillip Chbeeb

Without The Lights

Vote Count: 2

Talena Sanders

Prospector Excerpt Part 2

Vote Count: 1

Talena Sanders

Prospector Excerpt Part 1

Vote Count: 1

Shelli Wright

The Swipe Life

Vote Count: 1

Haven Nutt

Maskerade--7 min excerpt

Vote Count: 1

Ashley Seering


Vote Count: 1

Priscyla Bettim

2013 vision to Roberto Piva

Vote Count: 1

Meghan Malone


Vote Count: 1

Jessica Killam

Arts & Crafts

Vote Count: 1

Ellen Houlihan

Jessica Clark Racing - Clio-nominated Documentary

Vote Count: 1

Kathryn Moeller

Becoming Final

Vote Count: 1

Kristie Reeves

The Smallest Vessel Final Version

Vote Count: 1

Giuliana Monteiro


Vote Count: 1

Montana Troyer

Once Upon a Time

Vote Count: 1

Julia Pontecorvo


Vote Count: 1

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

The Wish by Marie Emmanuelle Hartness

Vote Count: 1

Genevieve Howell

SISKIN 7 min

Vote Count: 1

Sarah Murphy

The Greatest Show On Earth

Vote Count: 1

Bonnie Harper


Vote Count: 1

Abbey Nelson


Vote Count: 1

Shereen Younes


Vote Count: 1

Armani Martin

Deus Ex Machina

Vote Count: 1

Kiana Woodson

Sudi's Style Closet

Vote Count: 1

Abbey Sacks

Smooth Ends - Southbound

Vote Count: 1

Mary Gerretsen

The Art of a Lost Trade - Webseries Pilot - featuring Clockmakers

Vote Count: 1

Emilie Svensson


Vote Count: 1

Giuliana Monteiro

The Birthday Cake

Vote Count: 1

Julianne Neal

The Edge Bruce Anderson Natural Humanship

Vote Count: 1

Kadri Koop

Charlie 5

Vote Count: 1

Danielle Morgan-Scharhon

Les Nanas

Vote Count: 1

Talena Sanders

The Fort

Vote Count: 1

Madison Blank-Plautz

Fine Cut

Vote Count: 0

Cindy Iodice

The Glades Project_Work in progress 00_03_48 Minute

Vote Count: 0

Delete Delete


Vote Count: 0

Mijin Han

Miss D's New Orleans Style Popcorn & Pralines

Vote Count: 0

Claire Imler

Rough Waters

Vote Count: 0

Isabella Pierson


Vote Count: 0

Yoyo Li


Vote Count: 0

Kitty Geoghan

Fierce Beards

Vote Count: 0

Tiziana Perinotti

Imagine TizianaPerinotti

Vote Count: 0

Em Johnson

Jess & Lila

Vote Count: 0

Kim Karpanty

alter idem

Vote Count: 0

Tonya Sandis

No Time 4 Hate

Vote Count: 0

Vanessa Hollander

Immaculate High

Vote Count: 0

Arianna Viscarra

Auntie Jill's Cheesecakes

Vote Count: 0

John Chris Lopez

A Short Film About Rape

Vote Count: 0

Priscyla Bettim

book of haiku

Vote Count: 0

Zoe Contreras


Vote Count: 0

Veena Rao

Mumbai Mornings

Vote Count: 0

Madison Stewart


Vote Count: 0

Geena Matuson

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Vote Count: 0

Ellen Houlihan

Joan's Day Out - starring Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kellerman and Hulu's Casual star Tara Lynne Barr

Vote Count: 0

Laura Jean Bransky


Vote Count: 0

Cindy Iodice

Scooter Girl

Vote Count: 0

D Thomas


Vote Count: 0

Talena Sanders


Vote Count: 0

Marinah Janello

Troll Trailer

Vote Count: 0

Eva Vazquez de Reoyo


Vote Count: 0

Whitney Skauge

Girls Untitled

Vote Count: 0