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Oxford Film Festival Best Of Shorts Fest

Total Prize Value: $2500

Contest Over

Oct 06, 2015 - Oct 15, 2015

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  1. West of Elvis

    Vox Press Inc. presents: the last documentary prod...

  2. The Golden Bough

    »The Golden Bough« tells the story of David Gula...

  3. True Beauty This Night

    Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life....


    An unlikely mother is forced to come to terms w...

  5. When Cotton Blossoms - The Inspiring Life & Legacy of Dr. Laurence C. Jones

    100 years ago, in the piney woods of Mississippi, ...

  6. The Owl Who Had A Wish Tangled To Its Foot

    The story of an owl trying to find the owner of a ...

  7. Over The Hill

    Life in Over the Hill rest home is rosy and slow, ...

  8. Bathing & the Single Girl

    Bathing & the Single Girl is a ten minute comedy a...

  9. Samuel DeMango

    Samuel, tries to die but can't because he's made o...

  10. The Zit

    A small tale about a giant pimple. Winner of ov...

  11. Bachelor 37

    Paul Burton receives an unexpected phone call from...

  12. Grounded by Reality

    Artist Jessica Blinkhorn lives large and rolls har...

  13. Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo

    GRAND FUGUE ON THE ART OF GUMBO studies 'the baroq...

  14. Pets

    It's the future, and humans have been displaced by...

  15. The Dark Companion

    Howard (a puppet) has an existential crisis and ne...

  16. DIVE Living Off America's Waste

    Inspired by a curiosity about our country's carele...


    "Using a hand-drawn animation technique called “...

  18. Crush

    One woman's quest to find the perfect chair....

  19. Chickens & Pills - The Lola Jolene Story

    A documentary crew goes in search of Lola Jolene, ...

  20. I Am a Man

    In 1968, Elmore Nickleberry and other Memphis sani...

  21. Gimme Green

    Lawns are undeniably an American symbol. But wha...

  22. Snowdysseus

    A stop motion animation that explores the vulnerab...

  23. Old Oak

    1956. A Death Row inmate's last meal at his favor...

  24. 85 Broken

    What happens when a classical composer from Japan ...

  25. SAND

    The film SAND tells the story of the history and e...

  26. The Ballad of Friday and June

    Official Selection, Oxford Film Festival 2010 J...

  27. Mother Never Held Me

    This is a story about a young man and his mother a...

  28. Queen's Day

    An ordinary morning takes an interesting turn when...

  29. Stasis

    An unhappy school portrait photographer discovers ...

  30. Songs in the Key of Death

    FJ Ackerman is the greatest professional piano tun...

  31. Goldfish

    "Goldfish" was an official selection of the Tribec...

  32. Instrumental Treason

    "Instrumental Treason" — on this night, a sympho...

  33. Lifted

    Charades aside, Rob must grapple with his own iden...

  34. Pretty Monsters

    When a father and his young son spend the night at...

  35. Humanexus

    The human race has long searched for meaningful in...

  36. The Sad Waltz

    The story of Pass Christian, Mississippi, a town t...

  37. LEFT

    (2014) The short film above was a solo project...

  38. The Beard

    Victimized as a result of his appearance, an elder...


    An experimental walk through the modern Peace Move...

  40. Strife of Tongues

    Strife of Tongues is a dense, image-based re-telli...

  41. Ghost of Yesterday

    Ghost of Yesterday” - a collage of rotoscoped 16...

  42. Drawing On A Dream

    Susan Dobbs and David Rae Morris explore the color...

  43. Frequent Flyer

    A look at the world of frequent flyer miles and so...

  44. The Big Hang Up

    Cell phone addiction can be hazardous to your heal...

  45. Wagonmasters

    The car that was once the quintessential image of ...

  46. Plural

    Plural is an experimental digital short film explo...

  47. Skip Town

    Skip Town is a silent film about stress and panic ...

  48. The Hiccup

    Two friends, desperately trying to skip town, find...

  49. Music for a Self-Transforming Machine

    Aesthetic machine Virtual architecture Unfrozen ...

  50. Rage Against Symphony

    A one shot experimental short film, filmed entirel...

  51. The Stars and Stripes Forever in the Eternal City

    The Stars and Stripes Forever in the Eternal City ...

  52. The Birds Upstairs

    Frustrated attempts to bear children overwhelm the...

  53. Veil

    Veil is a film about sex, religion, guilt, ecsta...

  54. The Horrible Life of Dr. Ghoul

    Official Selection, Oxford Film Festival, 2014 ...

  55. Aliki

    Lake Aliki, Cyprus. For centuries, flamingos have ...

  56. Unrest

    Featured in Cinewomen magazine! http://issuu.com/c...

  57. Sound of Ceres - Bryn Marina

    Over a year in the making, the Bryn Marina video w...

Total Films: 56 • Total Votes: 2,461 • Total Film Views: 9,049

All Films in Contest

Louis Bourgeois

West of Elvis

Vote Count: 531

Matthias Zucker

The Golden Bough

Vote Count: 394

Peter Besson

True Beauty This Night

Vote Count: 187

Lisanne Sartor


Vote Count: 186

Scott Magie

When Cotton Blossoms - The Inspiring Life & Legacy of Dr. Laurence C. Jones

Vote Count: 121

Burak Kurt

The Owl Who Had A Wish Tangled To Its Foot

Vote Count: 101

Margaret Milner Schmueck

Over The Hill

Vote Count: 63

Christine Mccarthy

Bathing & the Single Girl

Vote Count: 58

Everett Aponte

Samuel DeMango

Vote Count: 42

Michael Blum

The Zit

Vote Count: 41

Jay Gormley

Bachelor 37

Vote Count: 40

Phoebe Brown

Grounded by Reality

Vote Count: 38

Gideon Kennedy

Grand Fugue on the Art of Gumbo

Vote Count: 37

Darrell C. Hazelrig

The Dark Companion

Vote Count: 26

Jeremy Seifert

DIVE Living Off America's Waste

Vote Count: 26



Vote Count: 24

Rebecca Pugh


Vote Count: 24

Jillian Pecoraro

Chickens & Pills - The Lola Jolene Story

Vote Count: 22

John Hubbell

I Am a Man

Vote Count: 21

Isaac Brown

Gimme Green

Vote Count: 21

Evan Curtis


Vote Count: 20

Kevin Jones

Old Oak

Vote Count: 18

Chandler Griffin

85 Broken

Vote Count: 18

Cari Ann Shim Sham


Vote Count: 17

Don Swaynos

The Ballad of Friday and June

Vote Count: 16

Wolf Ruffin

Mother Never Held Me

Vote Count: 15

Jeffrey Ruggles

Queen's Day

Vote Count: 14

Edward Valibus

Songs in the Key of Death

Vote Count: 13

Joe Wein


Vote Count: 13

Jake Elsas

Instrumental Treason

Vote Count: 13

Jordan Henry


Vote Count: 12

GB Shannon

Pretty Monsters

Vote Count: 12

Ying-Fang Shen


Vote Count: 12

Richard Ward

The Sad Waltz

Vote Count: 12

D Winter


Vote Count: 12

Yaz Rabadi

The Beard

Vote Count: 11

Gavin Heffernan


Vote Count: 11

M.D. Perkins

Strife of Tongues

Vote Count: 11

Tony Gault

Ghost of Yesterday

Vote Count: 11

Chandler Griffin

Drawing On A Dream

Vote Count: 11

Gabriel Leigh

Frequent Flyer

Vote Count: 11

Richard Ward

The Big Hang Up

Vote Count: 11

Sam Smartt


Vote Count: 11

Dan Inglis


Vote Count: 10

Banner Gwin

Skip Town

Vote Count: 10

Matt Smukler

The Hiccup

Vote Count: 10

Aaron Ross

Music for a Self-Transforming Machine

Vote Count: 10

Elcid Asaei

Rage Against Symphony

Vote Count: 10

Rebekah Flake

The Stars and Stripes Forever in the Eternal City

Vote Count: 10

Christopher Jarvis

The Birds Upstairs

Vote Count: 10

Don Swaynos

The Horrible Life of Dr. Ghoul

Vote Count: 9

Richard Wiebe


Vote Count: 8

Shannon R. Giedieviells


Vote Count: 7

David Harris

Sound of Ceres - Bryn Marina

Vote Count: 6