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Curbside Shorts Film Challenge

Total Prize Value: $10,000 Total Cash Prizes

Contest Over

May 26, 2020 - Jun 02, 2020

View Final Round
  1. In Traction

    When a woman is effected by the stress, or "p...

  2. Hatch Hope

    Inspired by those on the frontline risking thei...

  3. Virtual_Babysitting

    An 11 year-old girl tries to fire her virtual b...


    SPIRAL is an intimate portrait of life in isola...

  5. Christmas Dinner No. 4

    A surreal comedy look down the rabbit hole of a mi...

  6. Living with children with OCD during a pandemic

    A glimpse into the life of children with OCD du...

  7. Old Dog New Tricks

    This is a lighthearted, comedic, semi-autobiograph...

  8. Caller ID

    A Woman gets a final chance to say goodbye to h...

  9. Runaway Tree

    In the midst of this pandemic, people are divid...

  10. Grounded

    What happens when a woman who loves...

  11. Ode To The Artist

    A short film dedicated to all of the artists who h...

  12. Chalk Story

    While sheltering in place, an unexpecte...

  13. Repose, Repeat

    Many couples are separating during the Covid-19 cr...

  14. In Her Thoughts

    I wrote this script because I couldn’t get th...

  15. Sunset

    Twin brothers, Alti and Verbier, go to the beac...

  16. Conductor

    Boredom and monotony are overtaken by a symphon...


    A couple tries to maintain a sense of normalcy ...

  18. House of Quarantine

    I created this movie with my best friend. Both of ...

  19. Silver Linings

    "Silver Linings" is about my evolving relationship...


    MAIL COMPANION follows a woman as she ...

  21. Jane In Space 2

    The second solo film about a spacewoman, Jane, ...


    Living through this pandemic isn't as lonely as...

  23. There's Something in My House

    Written, directed, lit, edited, sound designed,...

  24. The Favorite

    Tensions rise during quarantine in a closet full o...

  25. Copy, Yourself

    "Copy, Yourself", is a stand alone "quarantine ...

  26. Stay-At-Home Expectation vs. Reality

    A Dylan Silver Film Song: Groove Ritual...

  27. Home

    I moved out to Los Angeles for film school in 2014...

  28. In. Place.

    "Shelter in Place" takes a deeper dive into wha...

  29. Four Wheels

    "Four Wheels", a film I shot, edited, and starred ...

  30. Lost Angeles

    Lost Angeles is a micro short film that explores m...

  31. Based On A True Fly

    This is a film inspired by the fly that is constan...

  32. Jenny - A Horror Story Inside

    A woman in isolation discovers what is truly ho...

  33. Ode to O - A Film By Stephanie Drake

    "O" has truly helped me stay positive and upbea...

  34. The Drop-Off

    A boy down on his luck makes a deal during quarant...

  35. Day 74.

    What rituals ease the chaos boiling in our mind...

  36. What Do I Do

    Watch me try to answer life's biggest question ...

  37. Missed Calls

    You've been home alone for who knows how long. ...

  38. Never Alone

    A lonely young woman struggles to take care of ...

  39. Daily Nonsense

    A 23 years old woman's quarantine life Written, Di...

  40. Laughing in Lockdown

    This film was shot and produced by myself with ...

  41. Allegro For One

    Allegro for One is about finding your own rhythm w...

  42. Quarantined by MERCEDES MASON

    I wrote, directed and acted in this short. I ho...

  43. MAX

    A lonely woman helps a friend whose grandmother pa...

  44. Tara, The Spring Chicken

    The decrease of human activity during the quara...

  45. 7 PM

    We were inspired by the daily 7 PM applause in ...

  46. QUARANTINE Belle Bounces Back

    This is a comedy where Belle shares her challen...

  47. Touched by Kate Beecroft

    A young girl and her nanny find some normality ...

  48. Glade Runner

    Written, directed and performed by documentary fil...

  49. Therapy By Marwa Bernstein

    I wrote and shot this with the help of my 11 year ...

  50. You're Ok

    It was March and the world was crumbling around...

  51. Yo Le Digo Al Tango By Olivia Martinez Prado

    As my parents are immigrants from Argentina, I ...

  52. Coming Back Home

    A cat reconnects with her owner after he is req...

  53. Covid Fn Crazy

    A mother loses her dang sh*t as lockdown sideli...

  54. DNA by GabrielaOrtega

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been refle...

  55. Make Your OWN Toilet Paper


  56. Signs of Life

    "Signs of Life" captures light, beauty, clarity...

  57. Neighbors.

    Driven to a breaking point, a single mother co...

  58. Girl, Party of One - Chapter One in the Saga of QuaranTina Tiny Hands

    No matter how big or small, we can always use a...

  59. Back to Normal

    I wrote this, shot it with help from my partne...

  60. New Neighbor

    A brief meditation on embracing the loss of [pe...

  61. Autocorrect in Quarantine - A True Story

    When you accidentally text your mom what was me...


    Nighttime Thoughts explores th...

  63. Plied

    Two roommates fight to the death over the last rol...

  64. iRona Diaries

    'Rona times: I stopped journaling and have resulte...

  65. We Say Thank You

    This is the first narrative film I've directed. W...

  66. Cheers to the Ladies

    A single woman with a ticking clock faces her life...

  67. Essential Connections

    We are two New York City roommates with a passion ...

  68. Apt 3

    This film is based on true events. Both Daniell...

  69. A Few More Paws to Hold- Stronger Together

    Staying safe at home can be lonely, but comfort...

  70. On Repeat

    Filmed between May 21-25, 2020 on location in L...

  71. DREW

    A man in quarantine goes to great lengths to impre...

  72. Before This - A Mini Musical

    A fun musical look at the dark pit of despair that...

  73. Home With Hammy

    I live alone with my dog Hammy. I’ve been home ...

  74. Solitaire

    Solitaire / Part Three

  75. The Sour Dough

    Written and Directed by me (Ilyssa Peltz). This...

  76. 7 PM in New York City

    An overworked musician loses his restaurant job du...

  77. Olive & Raisin

    During quarantine, Sarah discovers she ...


    Through life in quarantine a young woman begins re...


    Whilst in quarantine, one plant-obsessed woman'...


    Filmed during coronavirus using only an iPhone ...

  81. Tethered. A short music film.

    This little short is a spin off of a much larger m...

  82. Coming Home

    This LGBTQ+ film grapples with the subject of c...

  83. Lockdown OCD

    A woman overcomes her ocd for the love of pizza. ...

  84. A Chin Hair

    A young woman with too much time in quarantine obs...

  85. Menopause Acres

    Well, I'm over sixty. The pandemic has me think...


    BEHIND THE MASK is an inspiring self-portrait ...

  87. Take Five

    For many of us, sheltering in place looks a lot...

  88. The Calling

    Stuck in Quarantine, a young woman finds a magi...

  89. Drive Thru Confessionals

    She grew up with a Catholic mother, a Jewish fathe...

  90. Her Outdoor Space

    During this pandemic, my outdoor space has been my...

  91. Little beasts

    Children during the pandemic lockdown are getting ...

  92. Virtual Life

    I’m a graduating high school senior, and made th...

  93. International Emotion

    Women from different parts of the world were as...

  94. Thirsty

    'Thirsty' was created by a female-majority crew! W...

  95. Ballast

    A meditation on life & art Written / directed...


    A short film by Kristi L. Simkins...

  97. Paws New York

    Quarantining with my favorite human in NYC....

  98. Going Viral

    Going Viral is a series I created while in conf...

  99. Single AF

    Sheltering in place can be a frustrating endeavor,...

  100. STUCK but with Luck

    she's stuck in a staircase. what to do.


    I was inspired by the quarantine lockdown and t...

  102. Trapped in Latex

    Hello! This is my 2 minute short film on the curre...

  103. L'Orange

    After a long day of socially distant home repairs,...

  104. When the World Stopped Watching

    While being in quarantine for over 50 days, a youn...

  105. Let's Get Comfortable

    An absurd, satirical talk show hosted by deadpa...

  106. Tomorrow is Another Day

    A corgi in quarantine, with a love for classic ...

  107. Missing Out

    Missing Out is a comedy about longing...

  108. Modern Times...Now

    These are new times which call for new ways of soc...

  109. Best Part

    This film is about artists and creative people ...

  110. Stay Sane

    Stay Sane was shot completely in home with no fanc...

  111. Quarandreams

    A quarandream... when the basics of daily life bec...

  112. Awakening

    This is a story about Emma, another self-absorbed ...

  113. Da Rona Ay

    "A 25 year old woman is forced to quarantine in he...

  114. Plant Life

    When plants are neglected, their true voices must ...

  115. Day 72 with My Sweetheart

    This is a day in the life as a stay at home parent...

  116. The Deluge

    Its not just the loss that breaks us. Sometimes...


    The Mask Maker shows how not wearing a mask in th...

  118. 14 days

    14 days outside of New York. 14 days of self-quara...

  119. The Talking Radio

    Directed, filmed, edited by and starring Jaylah Mo...

  120. Thirty-seven Years


  121. Burning Fire

    Short film by Lluvia Almanza....

  122. TikTok vs. Reality

    As we all know by now, what we see on social media...

  123. The Rebel

    The Rebel: Dana Lyn Baron  

  124. So Quiet

    In this new world we're living in, things may l...

  125. La Novela

    A young woman tries to simply catch up with her gr...


    Sometimes six feet isn't enough. 

  127. Sleepless

    Based on a true story. While sound asleep a cou...

  128. Mr. G

    While sheltering in place, a daughter decides t...

  129. Rainbow Connection

    Claymation that connects neighbors during quaranti...

  130. Solum

    "Solum" This film was written in a stre...

  131. Mind Full

    Mind Full : What are the struggles of staying s...

  132. Bed.

    'Bed.' is a short film inspired by quarantine i...

  133. STAND BY

    STAND BY was made by me, an iPhone, and a tripod o...

  134. Quarantine Thoughts

    Quarantine Thoughts was written, directed, film...

  135. Charity

    When a pandemic brings people apart, two sister...

  136. Deliver Me From Rona

    Summary: Jasmin and Lynn struggle to navigate thei...

  137. The Devil Works Hard but the Body Works Harder

    I wrote, directed, edited, and acted in this short...

  138. The Wolf

    In 1905, a mother mourns the loss of her daught...

  139. Covid_21


  140. 'Exposed'

    'Exposed' by Jacquie Gould...

  141. My To Do List

    Actor, writer, director, editor, and some camer...

  142. Same Time Same Place

    From the perspective of a long distance couple, th...

  143. Shelter in Place with Mum - Episode 1 - The Rattletrap

    "The Rattletrap" is the first of five episodes ...

  144. SPIT


  145. Trying

    This film explores the daily inner battle we face ...

  146. Weather Report

    I am a high school student. Because of this vir...

  147. Quarantiffs

    Re-enactments of the quarantine-centric blowups I'...

  148. What Day is It.... and Repeat

    9 going on 10 weeks home, home with my talkativ...


    The video is the gathering of some of the most ...

  150. Sheltering With Love

    Sheltering in place has brought up so many questio...

  151. Lemonade Stand

    A couple has just learned that they both have been...

  152. SCAR

    This short film is produced and written by me....

  153. what it was

    a short film by melissa dowler, inspired by shelte...

  154. Today I Believe

    I wrote, directed and act in Today I Believe, a sh...

  155. My Quarantine Routine

    It's definitely important for one's mental, emotio...

  156. Toronto Lockdown

    I wanted to document this historical moment in tim...

  157. Skin Pickers

    Something between a documentary and a narrative...

  158. The Masked Connection

    One man searches for the perfect mask in these ...

  159. My Pandemic Video Diary

    The lockdown has been tough...for everyone. This f...

  160. Dear Artist

    This one's for you....

  161. Baking at Golden Hour

    During this strange time in the world, I have b...

  162. Day Recipe- Curbside Video Short

    Day Recipe is a collage of the surrealist ingredie...

  163. Anything

    "Anything" follows the creative process of an arti...

  164. revelations

    well, here we are. but where is here?...

  165. The Quarantine Diet

    I wrote, directed, and edited this short film a...

  166. what have i done

    Finishing my last semester of college remotely in ...

  167. Shine Bright

    "Shine Bright" was created by the mother daught...

  168. Moving Forward

    A painter with artist’s block gets through it wi...

  169. Go Raibh Maith Agat

    A quarantine film by Lilly Lion...

  170. 26 Seconds Soundtrack Short

    One child every “26 Seconds” is trafficked glo...

  171. Dear Diary

    A monologue based on Larissa Pruett's Diary Entry ...

  172. I'm the survivorr of your chaos

    This quarantine got me thinking about my place in ...

  173. FISHES

    Who will you reach out to, when you're left all al...

  174. The Absurdity Of This New Normal

    Our Shih Tzu, Lucy,  passed away on May 10th, ...

  175. In One Year

    "In One Year" is a short film I made with my mom. ...

  176. Mystery Box

    When living with the Corona Virus gets boring Laur...

  177. Corona Chronicles

    Corona Chronicles A comedy about an overdone mom w...

  178. Socializing in Quarantine

    Two friends confront the horrors of socializing...

  179. Tara The Spring Chicken


  180. My Best Friend

    It's okay to be your own best friend. Starring, w...

  181. Penny's Apocalypse Yoga Practice & and party

    Penny is a yoga teacher in quarantine... it's not ...

  182. The Social Distance

    Before the lockdown in Los Angeles, I co-wrote and...

  183. What Else Is There

    A colorful documentary of a creative couple making...

  184. Smell the Roses

    It hasn't been easy to not feel alone during this ...

  185. Enzo's Rainy Day


  186. Birdwoman

    This was just a quick exercise to keep working our...

  187. Neighborhood Check-in

    A brief comedic tour of a neighborhood, led by som...

  188. Just in Case

    A daughter's final attempt to reach out to her ...

  189. Anniversary

    Just another day in lockdown....

  190. The Poem That Keeps You Sane

    This film is of my two parents at home. Two of the...

  191. Zoom into the Future

    A Comedy Written by & Starring Lily Fryburg De...

  192. My Brother Likes Stripes

    An intimate experimental portrait of my younger...

  193. Milkshake

    Written and Directed by Madeleine Murden Starring ...

  194. Running Out of Ideas

    Two childhood friends are finally out of juice and...



  196. West Philadelphia Rent Strike

    We’re approaching our third month on pandemic er...

  197. Caroline

    Sometimes the mind plays tricks on you.. could you...

  198. R-35

    The newest breakthrough in medicine has R-35 desir...

  199. Lost Son

    I am a woman. I am a poet. I am a metalsmith. I am...

  200. WHAT WAS I SAYING June 1

    Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg performs in her livingro...

Total Films: 200 • Total Votes: 32,968 • Total Film Views: 86,374

AudPop Clapper
The winners of this contest went on to compete in a final round.
View the final round results.

Preliminary AudPop Selections

These are the audience vote winners that will proceed to the final round.

Eva Ceja

In Traction

Radha Mehta

Hatch Hope

Giovanna Molina & Paloma Lopez


Whitney Wolanin

Christmas Dinner No. 4

Tamara Rubin

Living with children with OCD during a pandemic

Tamara Garfield Holm

Old Dog New Tricks

Sarah Lynn Dawson

Caller ID

Ashley-Dawn Byrd

Runaway Tree

Jessica Borne


Preliminary Jury Selections

These are the jury selection that will proceed to the final round.

Emory Parker

Coming Home

Jackie Fang

Daily Nonsense

Gabriella Ortiz

La Novela

Marcy Stone-Francois

Going Viral

Hunter Toro

The Favorite

Beth Triffon


Allie Levitan

Socializing in Quarantine

Jaclyn Amor

Tethered. A short music film.

All Films in Contest

Eva Ceja

In Traction

Vote Count: 1876

Radha Mehta

Hatch Hope

Vote Count: 1493

Giovanna Molina & Paloma Lopez


Vote Count: 1306

Asligul Armagan


Vote Count: 1290

Whitney Wolanin

Christmas Dinner No. 4

Vote Count: 1280

Tamara Rubin

Living with children with OCD during a pandemic

Vote Count: 1266

Tamara Garfield Holm

Old Dog New Tricks

Vote Count: 1262

Sarah Lynn Dawson

Caller ID

Vote Count: 1255

Ashley-Dawn Byrd

Runaway Tree

Vote Count: 1244

Jessica Borne


Vote Count: 1224

Des Matelske

Ode To The Artist

Vote Count: 1195

Donna Choo

Chalk Story

Vote Count: 1104

Alexandria Walters

Repose, Repeat

Vote Count: 1087

Adelaide Evans

In Her Thoughts

Vote Count: 909

Shanra Kehl


Vote Count: 755

Tara Tusher


Vote Count: 657

Noor Lawson


Vote Count: 475

Justine Lupe

House of Quarantine

Vote Count: 454

Juliet Adelman

Silver Linings

Vote Count: 430


Vote Count: 357

Natasha Halevi

Jane In Space 2

Vote Count: 322

Skylar Young


Vote Count: 315

Lola Blanc

There's Something in My House

Vote Count: 288

Hunter Toro

The Favorite

Vote Count: 280

Copy, Yourself

Vote Count: 269

Dylan Silver

Stay-At-Home Expectation vs. Reality

Vote Count: 265

Mary Strause


Vote Count: 258

Eleu Jennifer Jane

In. Place.

Vote Count: 257

Daisy Cornejo

Four Wheels

Vote Count: 227

Sydne Horton

Lost Angeles

Vote Count: 220

Melissa Balint

Based On A True Fly

Vote Count: 218

Meg Swertlow

Jenny - A Horror Story Inside

Vote Count: 218

Stephanie Drake

Ode to O - A Film By Stephanie Drake

Vote Count: 213

Debi Bradshaw

The Drop-Off

Vote Count: 190

Courtney Jamison

Day 74.

Vote Count: 189

Rohini CHandra

What Do I Do

Vote Count: 182

Kelly Minster

Missed Calls

Vote Count: 178

Celia Tise

Never Alone

Vote Count: 166

Jackie Fang

Daily Nonsense

Vote Count: 163

Justine Estrada

Laughing in Lockdown

Vote Count: 163

Ruth Du

Allegro For One

Vote Count: 158

Mercedes Mason

Quarantined by MERCEDES MASON

Vote Count: 157

Tejah Signori


Vote Count: 149

Shila Ommi

Tara, The Spring Chicken

Vote Count: 142

Piyali Syam

7 PM

Vote Count: 135

Dana Sessen

QUARANTINE Belle Bounces Back

Vote Count: 135

Kate Beecroft

Touched by Kate Beecroft

Vote Count: 131

Beth Dolan

Glade Runner

Vote Count: 129

Marwa Bernstein

Therapy By Marwa Bernstein

Vote Count: 127

Ana Isabel Dow

You're Ok

Vote Count: 124

Olivia Martinez-prado

Yo Le Digo Al Tango By Olivia Martinez Prado

Vote Count: 120

Julie Pechanek

Coming Back Home

Vote Count: 120

Kelly Rebecca Walsh

Covid Fn Crazy

Vote Count: 119

Gabriela Ortega

DNA by GabrielaOrtega

Vote Count: 118

Hannah Canetti

Make Your OWN Toilet Paper

Vote Count: 114

Kelly Campelia

Signs of Life

Vote Count: 110

Andi Teran


Vote Count: 107

Riley Scott

Girl, Party of One - Chapter One in the Saga of QuaranTina Tiny Hands

Vote Count: 104

Avital Ash

Back to Normal

Vote Count: 101

Krysta Gonzales

New Neighbor

Vote Count: 98

Meredith Riley Stewart

Autocorrect in Quarantine - A True Story

Vote Count: 215

Beth Triffon


Vote Count: 182

Jasmine Leyva


Vote Count: 89

Jean Grant

iRona Diaries

Vote Count: 83

Lou Schad

We Say Thank You

Vote Count: 79

Whitney Anderson

Cheers to the Ladies

Vote Count: 79

Jessica Schladebeck

Essential Connections

Vote Count: 78

Charlie Gillette

Apt 3

Vote Count: 77

Michelle Merring

A Few More Paws to Hold- Stronger Together

Vote Count: 77

Ashley Seering

On Repeat

Vote Count: 76

Syon Davis


Vote Count: 74

Sabrina Schloss

Before This - A Mini Musical

Vote Count: 73

Perri Reavis

Home With Hammy

Vote Count: 73

Alex Sarrigeorgiou


Vote Count: 70

Ilyssa Peltz

The Sour Dough

Vote Count: 68

Eva Doherty

7 PM in New York City

Vote Count: 68

Desiree Nash

Olive & Raisin

Vote Count: 68

Ellie Wessel


Vote Count: 67

Izzy Stevens


Vote Count: 64

Courtney Pape


Vote Count: 62

Jaclyn Amor

Tethered. A short music film.

Vote Count: 61

Emory Parker

Coming Home

Vote Count: 59

MaryAnn Sheridan

Lockdown OCD

Vote Count: 57

Anne Hollister

A Chin Hair

Vote Count: 57

Martha Swetzoff

Menopause Acres

Vote Count: 56

Eva Saunders


Vote Count: 55

Jenn Albaugh

Take Five

Vote Count: 54

Christin St. John

The Calling

Vote Count: 54

Angela Cohen

Drive Thru Confessionals

Vote Count: 54

Carolina Cortella

Her Outdoor Space

Vote Count: 54

Marta Stysiak

Little beasts

Vote Count: 52

Riley Church

Virtual Life

Vote Count: 52

Natalie Zimmerman

International Emotion

Vote Count: 51

Daisy Long


Vote Count: 51

Melissa Center


Vote Count: 50

Kristi L. Simkins


Vote Count: 50

Serena Dykman

Paws New York

Vote Count: 47

Marcy Stone-Francois

Going Viral

Vote Count: 46

Melissa Center

Single AF

Vote Count: 46

Brittany Peterson

STUCK but with Luck

Vote Count: 46

Fernanda Tapia


Vote Count: 46

Bridget Ebert

Trapped in Latex

Vote Count: 45

Erin Doyle


Vote Count: 44

Mariah Barrera

When the World Stopped Watching

Vote Count: 44

Emma Samocki

Let's Get Comfortable

Vote Count: 44

Vanessa Giordano

Tomorrow is Another Day

Vote Count: 43

Courtney Ropp

Modern Times...Now

Vote Count: 41

Jada Ganim

Best Part

Vote Count: 40

Jennifer Springel

Stay Sane

Vote Count: 40

Lena Drake


Vote Count: 40

Luna Racy


Vote Count: 38

Jessica Darrow

Da Rona Ay

Vote Count: 38

Marissa Hernandez

Plant Life

Vote Count: 37

Betty Allen

Day 72 with My Sweetheart

Vote Count: 36

Arlene Victoria Conrad

The Deluge

Vote Count: 36

Jennifer Fitzpatrick


Vote Count: 35

Jillian Vitko

14 days

Vote Count: 35

Jaylah Moore-Ross

The Talking Radio

Vote Count: 35

Joanna Galper

Thirty-seven Years

Vote Count: 33

Lluvia Almanza

Burning Fire

Vote Count: 33

Rebecca Cimini

TikTok vs. Reality

Vote Count: 31

Dana Lyn Baron

The Rebel

Vote Count: 30

Sarah Graceson

So Quiet

Vote Count: 30

Gabriella Ortiz

La Novela

Vote Count: 30

Heather Cohn


Vote Count: 30

Connie Jo Sechrist


Vote Count: 30

Heather Kasprzak

Mr. G

Vote Count: 29

Polina Buchak

Rainbow Connection

Vote Count: 29

Shannon Hayes


Vote Count: 28

Nina Lucy Locke

Mind Full

Vote Count: 28

Jess Stark


Vote Count: 28

Christine Hauer


Vote Count: 27

Carissa Kacmarek

Quarantine Thoughts

Vote Count: 27

Sarah Hirschfield


Vote Count: 26

Valaira Sa-Ra

Deliver Me From Rona

Vote Count: 26

Christina Kelly Holmes

The Devil Works Hard but the Body Works Harder

Vote Count: 25

Leah Loftin

The Wolf

Vote Count: 25

Alyssa Brayboy


Vote Count: 25

Jacquie Gould


Vote Count: 25

Mitch Truong

My To Do List

Vote Count: 24

Chantal Eyong

Same Time Same Place

Vote Count: 23

Katharine Mahalic

Shelter in Place with Mum - Episode 1 - The Rattletrap

Vote Count: 23

Alyssa Brayboy


Vote Count: 23

Mikaela Bruce


Vote Count: 21

Celeste Funari Muse

Weather Report

Vote Count: 21

Avital Ash


Vote Count: 21

Marisa DeVonish

What Day is It.... and Repeat

Vote Count: 20

Lara Genovese


Vote Count: 44

Emily Pietro

Sheltering With Love

Vote Count: 19

Brianna Roseman

Lemonade Stand

Vote Count: 19

Genesis Ilada


Vote Count: 18

Melissa Dowler

what it was

Vote Count: 18

Kayla Compton

Today I Believe

Vote Count: 18

Heather Aldridge

My Quarantine Routine

Vote Count: 18

Sal Massimini

Toronto Lockdown

Vote Count: 17

Annella Kaine

Skin Pickers

Vote Count: 16

Kelly Hois

The Masked Connection

Vote Count: 16

Ashley Curtis

My Pandemic Video Diary

Vote Count: 16

Jill Galbraith

Dear Artist

Vote Count: 16

Talia Schizzano

Baking at Golden Hour

Vote Count: 16

Maurielle Mcgarvey

Day Recipe- Curbside Video Short

Vote Count: 15

Samantha Duncan


Vote Count: 14

Sarah Gallegos


Vote Count: 14

Jillian Janairo

The Quarantine Diet

Vote Count: 14

Anna Brotman-Krass

what have i done

Vote Count: 14

Tiffany Rhynard

Shine Bright

Vote Count: 13

Kelly Bancroft

Moving Forward

Vote Count: 13

Lilly Lion

Go Raibh Maith Agat

Vote Count: 13

Kelly Galindo

26 Seconds Soundtrack Short

Vote Count: 12

Larissa Pruett

Dear Diary

Vote Count: 12

Lada Egorova

I'm the survivorr of your chaos

Vote Count: 12

Kyle Frederick


Vote Count: 12

Rebecca Foster

The Absurdity Of This New Normal

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Jonah Azurin

In One Year

Vote Count: 12

Aysha Wax

Mystery Box

Vote Count: 12

Brittany Benjamin

Corona Chronicles

Vote Count: 11

Allie Levitan

Socializing in Quarantine

Vote Count: 11

Shila Ommi

Tara The Spring Chicken

Vote Count: 11

Jasmine Masse

My Best Friend

Vote Count: 11

Rachel Sledd

Penny's Apocalypse Yoga Practice & and party

Vote Count: 11

Bayou Bennett

The Social Distance

Vote Count: 10

Syon Davis

What Else Is There

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Jasmine Yamanaka

Smell the Roses

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Megan Grace

Enzo's Rainy Day

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Alba Morera


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Laura Colella

Neighborhood Check-in

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Madeline Rooks

Just in Case

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Minsun Park


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Lily Fryburg

Zoom into the Future

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Katherine Propper

My Brother Likes Stripes

Vote Count: 9

Madeleine Murden


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Ieva Vizgirdaite

Running Out of Ideas

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Joyce Datiles


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Maxie Wilde

West Philadelphia Rent Strike

Vote Count: 5

Natalie Sperl


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Kayden Phoenix


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Jules Henderson

Lost Son

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