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Curbside Shorts Film Challenge

Total Prize Value: $10,000 Total Cash Prizes

Time Left to Vote

Randomly Selected Films in Contest

  1. 'Exposed'

    'Exposed' by Jacquie Gould...

  2. Covid Fn Crazy

    A mother loses her dang sh*t as lockdown sideli...

  3. Copy, Yourself

    "Copy, Yourself", is a stand alone "quarantine ...

  4. Take Five

    For many of us, sheltering in place looks a lot...

  5. Bed.

    'Bed.' is a short film inspired by quarantine i...

  6. A Few More Paws to Hold- Stronger Together

    Staying safe at home can be lonely, but comfort...

  7. Day Recipe- Curbside Video Short

    Day Recipe is a collage of the surrealist ingredie...

  8. Daily Nonsense

    A 23 years old woman's quarantine life Written, Di...


    Filmed during coronavirus using only an iPhone ...

  10. Virtual Life

    I’m a graduating high school senior, and made th...

  11. Her Outdoor Space

    During this pandemic, my outdoor space has been my...

  12. Penny's Apocalypse Yoga Practice & and party

    Penny is a yoga teacher in quarantine... it's not ...


    A couple tries to maintain a sense of n...

  14. Girl, Party of One - Chapter One in the Saga of QuaranTina Tiny Hands

    No matter how big or small, we can always use a...

  15. House of Quarantine

    I created this movie with my best friend. Both of ...

  16. Little beasts

    Children during the pandemic lockdown are getting ...

  17. Four Wheels

    "Four Wheels", a film I shot, edited, and starred ...

  18. Lemonade Stand

    A couple has just learned that they both have been...

  19. Menopause Acres

    Well, I'm over sixty. The pandemic has me think...

  20. what have i done

    Finishing my last semester of college remotely in ...

Total Films: 199 • Total Votes: 10,944 • Total Film Views: 52,888

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The winners of this contest will go on to compete in a final round.
Final round voting begins on Jun 02, 2020 at 4:00pm PDT (America/Los_Angeles).

All Films in Contest

Eva Ceja

In Traction

Vote Count: 502

Radha Mehta

Hatch Hope

Vote Count: 481

Des Matelske

Ode To The Artist

Vote Count: 387

Ashley-Dawn Byrd

Runaway Tree

Vote Count: 310

Giovanna Molina & Paloma Lopez


Vote Count: 291

Jessica Borne


Vote Count: 244

Whitney Wolanin

Christmas Dinner No. 4

Vote Count: 229

Asligul Armagan


Vote Count: 212

Tamara Rubin

Living with children with OCD during a pandemic

Vote Count: 209

Alexandria Walters

Repose, Repeat

Vote Count: 207

Beth Riesgraf


Vote Count: 194

Tara Tusher


Vote Count: 190

Daisy Cornejo

Four Wheels

Vote Count: 181

Justine Lupe

House of Quarantine

Vote Count: 176

Dylan Silver

Stay-At-Home Expectation vs. Reality

Vote Count: 164

Natasha Halevi

Jane In Space 2

Vote Count: 161

Adelaide Evans

In Her Thoughts

Vote Count: 160

Donna Choo

Chalk Story

Vote Count: 160

Hunter Toro

The Favorite

Vote Count: 159

Sarah Lynn Dawson

Caller ID

Vote Count: 148

Crystal Correa

Copy, Yourself

Vote Count: 138

Shanra Kehl


Vote Count: 134

Juliet Adelman

Silver Linings

Vote Count: 128

Melissa Balint

Based On A True Fly

Vote Count: 116

Lola Blanc

There's Something in My House

Vote Count: 116

Ruth Du

Allegro For One

Vote Count: 114