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Colorado Revealed

Total Prize Value: $15,000 + Hateful 8 Film Strips

Contest Over

Apr 05, 2016 - Apr 11, 2016

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  1. Colorado Revealed Worlds Within

    Sometimes the world of wonder that we seek, is a w...

  2. Far In The West

    This land isn't for the faint of heart; Fortune do...


    My friend Garrett, (who stars in this) rallied the...

  4. A View Like None Other

    A View Like None Other... Hang on for this one,...

  5. Wandering Colorado

    "Wandering Colorado" is composed of new places and...

  6. The Beauty In Going Back

    Our cities sit in the shadows and crevices of our ...

  7. Colorado Revealed

    This video is based around the varying weather tha...

  8. Rediscover the Known

    When Matthew hits a creative road block, he skates...

  9. Colorado Revealed

    This video documents my swim teams trip to the Gar...

  10. Colorado Revealed

    Some of the experiences I hope you'll have while v...

  11. Sage Country

    In Moffat County, CO, as in other places in the We...

  12. Our Home - Colorado

    Colorado is a playground, and that's why we call i...

  13. ColoradoRevealed

    This Winter I visited Colorado Springs, CO. I was ...

  14. Uniquely Colorado

    What is unique about Colorado? Well.... Pretty muc...


    Landscapes, cities, seasons and climate. As a phot...

  16. Colorado Revealed

    What really makes Colorado unique?...

  17. Colorado Revealed - Home

    A short film about what makes Colorado such a fant...

  18. Seeking Elevation

    Seeking Elevation, a co-production by Paige Reidar...

  19. Colorado Revealed

    Family adventures in Colorado...

  20. coloRADo revealed


  21. Colorado Revealed A Wondering Look

    A Patrick Dingman Film Music Courtesy of Nomadi...

  22. Get High in Colorado

    Colorado is full of outdoor adventure, wildlife an...

  23. What Makes Colorado

    These are just a few things that makes Colorado un...

  24. Colorado Revealed Patrick Vargo

    Filmed and Produced by Patrick Vargo Locations in...

  25. Looking Back

    A Coloradan gets distracted thinking about the las...

  26. The Other Colorado

    This is the Colorado most people don't think about...

  27. Colorado Timelapse

    This film is a compilation of some of my time laps...

  28. Colorful Colorado

    For me it’s all about the people and the overwhe...

  29. Grab a Buddy and Go


  30. The Colorado Getaway

    A husband and wife take a Colorado trip, despite t...

  31. Film South Park

    Welcome to the real SOUTH PARK! Located in centra...

  32. Down South Colorado Way

    Film of Southern Colorado image as animated collag...

  33. Frequent Flyers Colorado

    Frequent Flyers: "Locally Grown, Internationally F...

  34. A Colorado Adventure with TravelingJules

    TravelingJules sets out on an epic Colorado advent...

  35. 300 Locations a Year

    An entrant to the Colorado Revealed contest: detai...

  36. A Day in Colorado

    This video shows what a day in Colorado would be l...

  37. Whats's YOUR Colorado

    We all know that Colorado is a wonderful place to ...

  38. Carving Colorado


  39. Colorado People

    Just a simple attempt to capture what I love about...

  40. Colorado living

    what i love about colorado in 59 seconds...

  41. Endless Exploration


  42. The Call

    A whisper floats through the fields of Colorado. ...

  43. The Wild West

    A quick look of my favorite part of Colorado...

  44. Colorado - Home Away From Home

    Great friends, good times. Thanks...

  45. Colorado Heavenly Day

    Colorado is known for having over 300 days of suns...

  46. Colorado Endless Trail

    Taking a walk thru the trails of Colorado...

  47. Colorado Revealed No Lack of Shorelines


  48. colorado revealed

    The entire clips in the film were filmed by me, an...

Total Films: 47 • Total Votes: 7,130 • Total Film Views: 26,717

AudPop Winners

Sarah R. Lotfi

Colorado Revealed Worlds Within

Maurice Cox

Far In The West

Riley Donavan


Jury Winners

Brett Schreckengost

Colorful Colorado

Diego Estrada

Rediscover the Known

All Films in Contest

Sarah R. Lotfi

Colorado Revealed Worlds Within

Vote Count: 1470

Maurice Cox

Far In The West

Vote Count: 1362

Riley Donavan


Vote Count: 482

Andrew Dean

A View Like None Other

Vote Count: 435

Il David Chang

Wandering Colorado

Vote Count: 323

David Moum

The Beauty In Going Back

Vote Count: 310

Kody Kohlman

Colorado Revealed

Vote Count: 233

Diego Estrada

Rediscover the Known

Vote Count: 218

Alli Lapps

Colorado Revealed

Vote Count: 209

Alec Hickman

Colorado Revealed

Vote Count: 186

Yuri Chicovsky

Sage Country

Vote Count: 177

Ron Rod

Our Home - Colorado

Vote Count: 126

Eric Hernandez


Vote Count: 119

Chris Harrison

Uniquely Colorado

Vote Count: 105

Rich W


Vote Count: 100

Alexandra Garcia

Colorado Revealed

Vote Count: 100

Michael O'Connell

Colorado Revealed - Home

Vote Count: 87

Kathryn Kimball

Seeking Elevation

Vote Count: 86

Jennifer Levin

Colorado Revealed

Vote Count: 85

Olivia Graziano

coloRADo revealed

Vote Count: 84

Patrick Dingman

Colorado Revealed A Wondering Look

Vote Count: 84

Kelly Huettner

Get High in Colorado

Vote Count: 71

Tue Tran

What Makes Colorado

Vote Count: 69

Patrick Vargo

Colorado Revealed Patrick Vargo

Vote Count: 64

Noah Lustgarten

Looking Back

Vote Count: 64

Amy Johnson

The Other Colorado

Vote Count: 59

Marc Slover

Colorado Timelapse

Vote Count: 51

Brett Schreckengost

Colorful Colorado

Vote Count: 46

Adam Rioux

Grab a Buddy and Go

Vote Count: 40

Jason Graisa

The Colorado Getaway

Vote Count: 36


Film South Park

Vote Count: 34

John Brink

Down South Colorado Way

Vote Count: 26

Nancy Smith

Frequent Flyers Colorado

Vote Count: 24

Juliana Broste

A Colorado Adventure with TravelingJules

Vote Count: 22

Oscar Johanson

300 Locations a Year

Vote Count: 21

Eric Richards

A Day in Colorado

Vote Count: 18

Pario Productions

Whats's YOUR Colorado

Vote Count: 16

Daniel Hodgson

Carving Colorado

Vote Count: 14

Eden Darrah

Colorado People

Vote Count: 11

Sage Reynolds

Colorado living

Vote Count: 11

Jack Ganey

Endless Exploration

Vote Count: 11

Forest Leg

The Call

Vote Count: 10

Cameron Rogowski

The Wild West

Vote Count: 9

Blake Nyquist

Colorado - Home Away From Home

Vote Count: 6

John Goheen

Colorado Heavenly Day

Vote Count: 5

Karen Ossler-Spooner

Colorado Endless Trail

Vote Count: 4

Nathan Stein

Colorado Revealed No Lack of Shorelines

Vote Count: 4

Anhad Mishra

colorado revealed

Vote Count: 3