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TABER Company Inc.

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Director(s): Curren Taber

Filmed and Edited by Curren Taber

Music by Evan MacDonald

My dad started TABER Company 17 years ago with the simple goal of providing quality service through honest, hard work. His company naturally began to grow, and now manufactures some of the finest architectural millwork for hundreds of spaces including Netflix, Amazon, WeWork, Showtime, UBER, Microsoft, and BEHR. I'm a freelance filmmaker, so he asked me to make a video to promote his company.

Having worked a few different jobs (outside of TABER), I've seen the importance of treating customers right. TABER manages to go above and beyond by staying true to their word and making sure to keep themselves accountable. After hearing feedback from numerous clients, I constantly witness the positive impact that TABER makes, and the strong relationships formed with everyone they connect with. No matter what project they do, they always make sure to uphold the Taber Promise:

You will receive:

  1. A detailed quote
  2. A complete submittal package
  3. Constant and clear communication
  4. Quality product and installation
  5. An on-time project

In addition to treating customers with integrity, TABER understands the importance of treating its employees right. The friendly atmosphere found at TABER Company reflects the hard work put into creating a pleasant, safe, and productive work environment. Six months ago, CompWest Insurance awarded TABER with the Safety Award for achieving 500,000+ hours without a major accident. My dad understands that treating his employees with fairness and kindness facilitates the overall ambition and dedication to providing quality service.

Over the last 17 years, my dad worked (and continues to work) to maintain the honest, upright reputation that TABER Company humbly owns. In addition to creating high-quality goods, TABER proactively finds time to support non-profit organizations. From the KPRS blood drives to the Giving Children Hope Food Drive, my dad's company manages to find time to help those in need. I believe the success of TABER Company is a direct result of its way of handling business. No matter the circumstance, TABER manages to stay true to its core values: Quality, Service, and Value.