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Distracted: Eyes Off The Road

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Cat Vs. Griz

Director(s): Max Barnum

***This is just a short segment of the full length movie**** If you want to watch the full movie, Go to http://www.montanapbs.org/DistractedEyesOffTheRoad/ Every year, thousands of people die on the streets and highways of the United States because of distracted drivers. Hundreds of thousands are injured. Campaigns and laws aim to reduce that number, but are they making any difference? Distracted: Eyes Off the Road documents the culture of distraction among Montanans and explores what it will take to change. Cell phone laws are in place in a dozen Montana cities and counties, but cell phone use accounts for a fraction of the distracted driving incidents. You’ve seen them, perhaps you’re even one of them. Drivers eat & drink, adjust radios and controls, tend to children and pets and find all sorts of tasks to attend to while they’re driving. That behavior can mean a brush with the law or a tragic death, but the problem does not seem to be getting better. Viewers will learn how the brain works when trying to multi-task behind the wheel and why drivers often don’t see what’s right in front of them.

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