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Citizen Khoomei


Director(s): Edgar Melo - Anna Baeza - Eva Vazquez de Reollo - Fernando Herreros

Guillem, a young and talented Spanish musician, discovered the unknown Tuvan (Mongolian) singing a few years ago. He learned how to sing it just by himself, watching Youtube tutorials and playing in the forest during 3 years. The Tuvan Song is a really ancient guttural singing. Last year, he traveled thousands of kilometers to Tuva, East Russia, in the border with Mongolia, in the middle of nowhere. He lived with nomads in the steppes to improve his Tuvan style of song, learning with the best, and attended the World best competition of Tuvan Music, competing against his masters and idols. This short documentary was produced by the team The Hat We Wear, for the Fusion Doc Challenge 2016. Edgar Melo, Eva Vazquez de Reoyo, Anna Baeza, Fernando Herreros. Sound: Alana Garcés.